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  1. Hi - Thanks for the update. The settings had changed from the last time I set them so i'm guessing some of them got reset after I rebooted yesterday. Should be set now: Port Status 7777 open (57ms) Thanks & take care
  2. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I did some cable rerouting this morning before I saw your message about not rebooting. Sooooooo would you mind getting me set up again for the upgrade? I promise I won't reboot it again. 😀 Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks & take care
  3. Hi - Yes i tested and verified that 7777 is open. Thanks Port Status 7777 open (57ms)
  4. Hi - I am currently on R1 debug version 1.03.3 running on rb-951g-2hnd and would like to upgrade the firmware. Can you assist? Thanks & take care
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