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  1. Ok, but how can I connect with my friend that has moderate nat type?
  2. No my nat is open on the PS4 connection info. But I have a friend, and his internet is not very good, his nat is always moderate and I can not connect with him at all, I've tried changing multiple settings. I have no issues connecting with friends that have open nat types.
  3. Hey thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I did exactly what said and I am still getting a moderate nat type.
  4. I am recieving a moderate nat when playing BO4, any help on how to get this to open would be much appreciated. I am playing on PS4 and my router is XR500. A friend told me something about port forwarding, but this is my first gaming router so this all extremely new to me.
  5. I have a moderate nat for COD BO4, any help on getting this to open up would be much appreciated. I am playing on PS4 and my router is the XR500
  6. Yeah I will try this and get back to you. And I'm not necessarily saying thing its S. American, I've heard Spanish, I have heard French, it's really weird that a lot of matches I connect to my teammates are speaking a different language. But thanks I will try this and get back to you.
  7. This is getting extremely frustrating. Takes forever to find games, when find game it's with high ping, but after 3 games I'll get kicked and get error message, then it will just search for match a will not find one till I restart playstation. Here's the kicker, I live in South Carolina, and the lobbies I do join, 90% of the time the squad mates are speaking a different language , it seems like it throws in server thats down in South America. Only time I can find match quickly is in spectating mode. I am beyond frustrated.
  8. I'm around 80-90 ping and I know under is good for gaming but I get ping spikes at over 120, my best pings are not the dedicated servers, I get 40-50 connecting to peers. My matchmaking issues are sometimes it won't let join a game and at the end of game I get error codes. I live in South Carolina and I know we two servers here so I'm not quite sure why I'm having these issues, i have my distance set at like 500-600miles and even when i set it to like 900, I dont have as much issues but still few. But I especially have issues when playing with friends. Like joining games and this might be off topic of Apex but how I cant join a chat party, I play on PS4 Pro, and I always the NAT types issue, I have NAT type 2. I'm still very new to using a gaming router, it's my first one and I've only had it a few weeks now. Any help will be much appreciated.
  9. Yes, still has few problems: matchmaking issues, error codes, and the big one still high ping.
  10. I am still having issues finding dedicated servers, I have followed of the instructions you provided correctly or at least I think have and I have also tried different combinations of geo filter options. My location is in South Carolina and all I keep getting is peer host type with high ping.
  11. I tried this, but I'm not seeing any dedicated servers
  12. Hey, I am currently playing APL on the PS4 and I love in upstate or South Carolina. He I have not seen one server close to me and u have followsm all 9d the directions give.
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