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  1. nat type unavalable when using geo filter my xr500 is connected to the fibre box
  2. cant connect to the server here in Australia if Geo filter is turned on
  3. Thanks bbursley but i have tried deleting my console on Geo and rebooting my router still happening thanks for your help tho i guess ill just play on the US server and die every time hahaha
  4. Its still happening guys please help i restarted everything but still
  5. its working now but still not blocking the servers outside of my radius
  6. i cant find games if i turn on Geo filter
  7. This happens if i turn it off i get 137 ping
  8. cant find matches on cod 4 blackout if i turn on Geo Filter
  9. im having the same problem im on xbox one cant find lobby if i turn Geo-Filter on but if i turn it off my Geo-Filter ill get in to a lobby with ping 200ms
  10. Yes I was using upnp it didn't work I then turned the upnp off and used the dmz and still I was getting disconnected and the nat type say's unavailable.
  11. When trying to connect to geo filter it allows me to connect, but when I do it disconnects me from game chats and parties on xbox one. I have tried deleting my console on the geo filter even restarting my NETGEAR router the problem still occurs. PLEASE HELP!
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