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  1. Hey Alex i cannot find any contact number for Netgear are you able to give the the number for Netgear here in New Zealand so i can contact them?
  2. lol i have no idea Bert but anyways Fraser are you able to give me a case number so i can return my router since the vlan is not working on this xr500
  3. no i don't have a spare router Fraser can i return this router since the VLAN is not working?
  4. you can close this topic now Fraser i factory reset my router for the 3rd time and now its working fine thanks
  5. yes i updated my router and now im having issues with my Geo Filter not working properly
  6. yes i have done the factory reset twice and its still the same sometimes it puts me to the US server even if my Geo Filter is turned on.
  7. Geo Filter not working properly after the updates
  8. ok so are yous going to fix this VLAN problem?
  9. hey Fraser would it solve the problem if i connect a modem to the ONT then my xr500 to the modem?
  10. lol so all this time my house hold watching movies and all and i have lag spikes when playing games its all because the upload is not working using Vlan is xr700 have the same problem? if not i might get that and take this router back
  11. another router hmm lots of money waist hahahaha is there any other way where i can take this router back?since this Vlan is not working
  12. Wow really that explains why so what should I do
  13. i have fibre and im not using any modems just my xr500 and Qos is not disable
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