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  1. yep i got the email basically as i made the post, just got everything done but how do i make the router run in turbo mode to use the full 150+ down/11+ upload i have? thanks in advance. edit: looks like I just had to reboot the router a few times and there we go --- getting 200+/10+, Thanks anyway.
  2. need link, i was given the "fix" or whateve ryou guys call it but nothing seems to have improved with the router, Plz fix. Thanks.
  3. Where is the "turbo" boost option that the update is supposed to provide?... thanks =]
  4. Need the fix asap thanks!!!! haven't been able to get above 30 mbps download EVER with this router its open its good just connect! edit: R1 debug version 1.03.3 running on rb-951g-2hnd . purchased this thing years ago and its never supported above 30/40mbps download.. it also halves the upload
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