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  1. I couldn't get the LAN drops to stop on the XR700, but the WAN was stable. I kept the XR500 up since then no issues, but I'm gonna be playing with a ground up network build for myself with Ubiquiti gear (edgerouter, edgeswitch, unifi ac pro) and see how it compares to consumer all-in-one equipment. Hope the XR700 Wan issue gets fixed soon, keep up the good work Staff.👍
  2. WAN or LAN disconnects? The SFP fixed the WAN drops but now the LAN seems to be dropping on the xr700 lol. The XR500 has been stable for over an entire day with the same switch. Just more bugs to squash.
  3. I'm sorry dude, I'm not ignoring you I'm just not sure how to help you.🍻 Side note, the LAN disconnects I was getting with the XR700 have continued to do so every couple hours without a mention in the log.>Now trying my XR500 with the same switch behind it to see if the switch is the issue.
  4. If it isn't automatically selected the 10GLAN SFP+ Port (in internet settings) select that, not internet port. Leave module detection on auto.
  5. Yup, plug the SFP module into the SFP port on the back of the XR700 next to the old WAN port. MY SFP port had a rubber plug inserted into it from Netgear, remove this and insert the module. SFP port is located next to the ON/OFF button insert module:
  6. It might not even be necessary to reboot honestly because SFP adapters are hot-swappable meaning swap in/out while powered on, but i did a reboot anyway. You may also check under internet setup tab that 10GLAN SFP+ is selected and not Internet port. I left SFP+ module detection on auto. If I would've known this was a fix for the WAN drops, and I get an extra LAN port from it, I would've done this MUCH sooner. Thank you to @Micbot for finding this. The SFP I used, as linked earlier in this thread, this is a 1Gbps SFP for $20.99, not a 10Gbps SFP+ which is around $200: 10Gtek for Netgear AGM734-10000S, 1000Base-T Copper SFP Transceiver, 100m, RJ45 Connector https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FRQJ1Y2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. nothing, no settings changed. You insert the SFP adapter into the XR700 and plug your ethernet cable from the modem into the new SFP WAN, then boot up your modem, then boot up the XR700, its all setup for you. AND NO MORE WAN DROPS.
  8. Just plugged the SFP right into the SFP slot next to the WAN port while powered off. DumaOS recognizes it and uses it as WAN port automatically. No setup needed and for $20, still stable. The LAG I created between the XR700 and my S8008 nighthawk switch, however seems to be going down every few hours for 3 seconds then back up again, log says LAG inactive then LAG active 3 seconds later. So I disabled the LAG and am just using using a single connection between it and the switch to see how it acts. But the WAN issue looks to be resolved with the 10Gtek SFP adapter.
  9. The 10Gtek 1000Base-T SFP works like a charm for $20 on the XR700. For the first time in a long time, no packet loss or WAN drops tonight, very happy, cheap and easy fix. 👍 Forgive the size of the pic, I have an ultrawide monitor. Does the old WAN port act as a LAN port if SFP is used? At least thats what it looks like.
  10. They've been added for a few days now they never moved, even when switching them using them, they remained offline. After a reboot, they are all online and stay there. Either way, something is odd with device manager for me but not a deal breaker.
  11. For $20 I'll also try the SFP WAN and see how it goes Monday.
  12. I've been adding a bunch of smart home devices (3 amazon echos, 4 plugs, 4 bulbs) the last few days and I've noticed they will show up in device manager, but stay permanently in the offline breakout section, even though they are clearly connected. The fix for me is reboot, and then they all act as they should, but any new added devices for the first time all seem to do this until a reboot, then they're fine. Just an annoying bug but FYI.
  13. That is correct, the hybrid VPN settings need to add DNS configuration separate from the rest of the traffic. If you guys work on it and create a beta firmware I'd be willing to test it. DNS leak test: https://www.expressvpn.com/dns-leak-test ExpressVPN config file is attached. my_expressvpn_usa_-_dallas_udp.ovpn In the linked thread, I see about the same speeds as they mentioned, capped at around 20-25Mbps. While running the ExpressVPN client on windows, it pulls in 150-250Mbps Download and full 12Mbps upload. So speeds are definitely disappointing but i can live with it for now. FYI, on the xr700, the hybrid VPN speeds were double that of the xr500 (around 40ish Mbps) so maybe hardware limited?
  14. If i did that, wouldn't that make all my traffic use those DNS servers then? I'm just looking to route the devices I have added to hybrid VPN to use the services and DNS, if thats even possible to separate them like that.
  15. I'm very happy so far with my new xr500. One small thing to ask and see if maybe I'm not setting it up right though. I use ExpressVPN. Setting up the router's hybrid VPN was easy and it does mask my IP. However, when running a DNS leak test, it still shows my real ISP DNS in the test. If I just run the app or chrome extension for ExpressVPN, it masks the IP and uses their DNS servers and the leak tests come back good. So is there a setting I'm missing or is hybrid VPN missing a setting for DNS? Is the DNS settings in the ExpressVPN config file thats copy/pasted into the settings in the router? Thanks.
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