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  1. Well, I finally got the router set up to where my PS4 will connect to BO4. That is the good news. The not-so-good news is that I show a moderate NAT. Go figure! But at least I am connecting. And GeoFilter seems to be working. I'm not sure what did the trick - I disabled uPnP and port forwarded all TCP and UDP ports to my PS4. I also put my R1 on the same subnet as my ATT gateway (ATT gateway internal IP address is 192.168.2.xxx and now R1 is 192.168.2.xxx). Or maybe it was just that the gremlin inside my R1 fell asleep or moved on. Now I just need to figure out how to get open NAT. I have Type 2 on my PS4 console screen, but BO4 shows Moderate. That is odd because my R1 is in the DMZ and all the ports are forwarded for PS4. Might BO4 just be flashing an incorrect result?
  2. Tried spectator mode as well as just deleting the console. Same problem.
  3. How do I establish a DMZ for the R1? I can't find the firewall menu at all in Duma OS.
  4. PS4 is attached to R1, but not in an R1 DMZ. Just a regular uPnP device.
  5. Well, just a few hours later, the problem is cropping up again. Can't connect. PS4 is not in DMZ, but NetDuma is. I can't make the initial connection to COD servers. The network screen of BO4 shows my External IP address is, which is odd. Usually I am assigned an external IP address in the ATT range of 104.xxx.xxx.xxx. So that might be the problem. But, if I connect my PS4 directly to the ATT router, no problem connecting to COD servers. So for some reason I am not getting an external IP address. I tried disabling uPnP and port forwarding all TCP and UDP ports - no luck. Any advice?
  6. Thanks. Actually, the R1 was set up on my ATT router for port forwarding of the BO4 TCP and UDP ports, even though it was behind by R1 which was DMZed. That was a remnant setting from before I had my R1 to allow open NAT. When I changed my ATT router settings to remove port forwarding to PS4 and just apply regular firewall that allowed it to connect. Not sure why opening all the Bo4 ports would matter or affect ability to connect, but apparently it did. All is good now.
  7. I am currently unable to connect via my R1 running latest firmware. I have my R1 behind a Pace 5268AC router for AT&T Uverse service. I get very stable internet service, 100Mbs +. But a few weeks ago, I could not connect to the B04 servers at game boot up. My PS4 Pro shows it has a DHCP IP address within the R1 address range and it has internet connectivity just fine. But, upon launching B04, it will not complete the initial server authentication/registration, so B04 thinks its offline. No multiplayer or Blackout. I am on a wired ethernet connection behind my AT&T gateway router. I have my PS4 set up within DMZ-plus mode. Every time I get a Negative 345 Silver Wolf error message from B04. Here is Activision's error code list: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Error-Codes-in-Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-4/?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3AAll&fs=Search&pn=1 Apparently this is related to not having the proper ports open. If I plug my PS4 Pro directly into my AT&T gateway/router, bypassing no problem getting a connection to BO4. The problem is all the ports are open and the R1 is a DMZ plus device on my ATT router - so it actually has an externally visible IP address. I used it this way previously for a few months and it worked just fine and something abruptly happened a couple weeks ago. No idea what because I didn't change anything. I did a factory reset, flushed the cloud, latest firmware, but nothing helps. It won't even connect if I put my PS4 in spectating mode on GeoFilter, which should give you an idea of how bad the problem is. Any advice?
  8. What version is that, and can you send me a link to where I can download it?
  9. Look back up at the early posts from this thread. Ping Assist is way more important for me than pure Geo Filter. There are some servers/peers in my vicinity with crappy pings. That is why Ping Assist is important.
  10. The problem is that strict mode doesn't really work on my device -- I did that and was still connecting to servers all over the country. Even with Ping Assist set to 2 ms, I was (and still am) connecting to servers all over the country with pings in the 40 ms range. As an experiment I put my Geo Filter at 100 mile radius in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean witgh 2 ms Ping Assist, and am still connecting to Blackout games all over the country at 40 ms pings. I still have it set that way and have been playing for two weeks in that mode. Sometimes I get a good server, othertimes I don't. Really no point in even having a NetDuma router as my old Linksys would give the same results.
  11. My issue is a bit different - I get connected to servers all over the country, even with my location set in the middle of the ocean and strict mode on, as if the numeric value I input into the Ping Assist isn't doing anything at all. I don't seem to connect to any really bad servers, but I do connect to servers in the 40 ms range. But I know there are several nearby servers to me with literally sub-10 pings that I would like to force a connection to but Ping Assist just won't do it.
  12. Has my issue fallen through the cracks?
  13. Disabled IPv6 from both and no change. Geo Filtering still not working.
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