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  1. Yeah, I'm getting the same thing consistently with every test. What can be done about a congested line?
  2. Hi Fraser, thanks for the reply. Test was done 10am on a Saturday morning. QoS slidders were set to 100% and there was nothing else running each of the times I ran the test. Using a xr500 router with the ISP virgin media hub 3 set in modern mode.
  3. It's the same pattern regardless of where I ping to. Is that an issue? Even taking out those five or six large spikes there is still a ~25 ms fluctuation as a baseline, is there anything I can do to sort that?
  4. Can someone tell me what they think of this nonsense? Is this decent?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I gave the French servers a shot and it seemed to help.
  6. Hi. I bought the night hawk xr500 for the geo filtering function a few weeks ago. I live in Dublin and I wanted to force my games to be hosted on the Dublin servers that I read exist. I reduce the geo filtering radius to only cover Dublin but can never join a game, it just crashes to the menu saying lobby can not be joined. It will connect to games hosted by a London server but they are not great, playable but not in a way as to be competitive and in my mind that's pointless. What can I do to force joining the Dublin server? Should mention im using a PS4, if that had any effect. Thanks
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