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  1. Okay I did that looks like it's progressing but I'm pretty sure it's still letting ppl in that are outside of the set area.
  2. I did that and this is what it shows when i add destiny 2(pc) for xbox
  3. its sits there saying applying settings for about 5 minutes then shows this
  4. Were guys ever able to fix Destiny 2's filter issue I read on a netgear forum that there was a cloud fix launched that should make it back to how it used to be for the most part but its still ignoring filter for me did I not get the update? https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/RX-500-destiny-2-problem-with-geo-filter/td-p/2079825
  5. Device Added Successfully DESKTOP- Destiny-PC Your device has been added with Filtering Mode disabled. You will still be able to ping and monitor servers in real-time. Filtering Mode is not currently supported for this game Why am i no longer able to configure D2 on PC?
  6. So we can confirm the Netduma R2 doesn't have this problem and its exclusively a Netduma R1 issue? Are you guys getting anywhere with figuring the issue out or should I just upgrade to the Netduma R2?
  7. Update on the situation its getting worse. It no longer requires someone to be using Xbox app for me to disconnect now I just disconnect when in party alone. At this point party chat via Xbox is no longer a feature when using Netduma R1 now.
  8. Did you guys manage to find the source of the issue yet?
  9. I do have IPv6 enabled My NAT type is open no port forwarding I am using DMZ UPnP is enabled I tested it with iOS and Android both wifi and LTE My friend uses Xbox app on PC not sure if its the beta version Playing a game or not party still won't work I usually have about 3 ppl in party only 1 that prefers to use app but won't because he knows I'll disconnect. Also important side note I have a Netduma R1 not R2.
  10. Is there a guide to show me how to put the Xbox in the DMZ?
  11. Thanks I just applied the update. Unfortunately the issue with the Xbox party issue still exist and yes my NAT type is Open. Also no I haven't done any port forwarding.
  12. I don't have the Geofilter on unless I'm playing pvp in Destiny 2 its usually set on spectating.
  13. Not sure if my router needs updating but if so can you guys please update it for me.
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