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  1. happy to say everything is running great!!!!!!!!!!!! ping is fine internet is fine, stream is fine!!!!! thanks for asking and love my r1
  2. i got it to do the correct ping by just blocking the high ones i was getting. also i keep getting that kill flow due to timeout in my log. and that problem of my internet cutting off for a momment is back.. i am getting in COD. but i just got kick out because no connection. and also today in the morning when i was on youtube it did it again it stayed loading for a really long time but this time it did not tell me i did not have a connecting it just stayed loading for a long time than it started working fine. i put the log in the attachments if it helps. i try using it with my isp router works fine not cut off. i have a tplink router that i also used and i have no cutting off. if you can please help me fix my router. can it be something wrong with my router??? what you sent me to do i have done it before. and it has nothing to do with it. my r1 was working fine and than my wifi kept cutting off and not comming back that i had to reboot everyime. than i stopped using my r1 connected back after a while and wife was satble but i kept getting that momment disconnection. i reset my router like you told me before but the problem keeps happening not as strong but still happening that is why i gave you the log so you can see it keeps doing the same errors hope you can please help me. now i need it for gaming and streaming PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! quick update i have not gotten a cut off since yesterday when i posted this lol. ping also back to normal and so far match making not taking longer than usual. idk but it is fine now lol. the things in the log tho should i worry ????? but as in right now is running smooth and i am gettin the ping that i should. log-1589055933854 saturday.txt
  3. it made it worse took longer and now my ping is super high from 90-10 to 200!!!! and i tried putting back to pc but still 200ping!!! now that sucks please help me out this is really stressful if this keeps going like that i have to switch back to my other router it is so stressfull to get a game going and now 200ping wow! please help
  4. my profile is set to call of duty pc and on device is steam. it is working fine now in the not cutting off part and i can log in to games now. only thing is that is taking long to find a game on COD or i have to stop search and begain again for it to take long but go in. ping wise i am happy i am getting the best connection so far. i will be waiting for your replay thank you so much
  5. SAD TO SAY I there still a problem i am able to get into warzone but it takes a long time for me to find a game. at first it was not even getting a game it kept looking for one and when it found one it would load again. now it goes on a game but it takes a long time. specially if i change game mode like hardcore or core or to warzone. the good one is that wifi and etherner so far do not get that downtime i was getting. i am no experct but i see the log that the same messeges are appearing but my internet do not cut off. and i can go in into COD but at first like i said i was not getting into games. but now it just takes long to put me in one but is working. any suggestiions? is it normal for me to take long into getting a game with the r1? let me know and thank you again for the help log-1588516615535.txt
  6. I will try that and keep you updated. Thanks a bunch. I love my router. And now that I am streaming and gaming I need it hahahaha. Stay safe thanks again
  7. Ok so before it used to drop and not go back on until I reboot. Now. It stays loading and if it is a web browser it shows like the server is not responding. It says youtube can't get connection to the server. But than goes back on. This problem has gotten worse now I can logg into COD Warzone cause Blizzard keeps kicking me out saying there is no connection to the server. I connected my PC directly thru my ISP router and it worked just fine. Got into a game and everything. I do not know what to do and do not want to mess with it cause last time the wifi did not want to work. Now it works but I get that problem. That the connections for some reason is not stable and it keeps cutting off back coming right back. I hope that helped to explain my problem. (So the noise is normal? I have it about a year and a half is not going to blow up right lol) please help me out I love my router I want it to work so I can keep enjoying my lag free gaming please
  8. my internet randomly cutting off for like half a min or 1. also r1 makes a noise like a printer sometimes when i am downloading stuff i can hear my router make the printing type noise. i stopped using my r1 for a while because my wife would drop randomly but my eternet will be fine. now my wife doesnt go down but my eternet and wife cut off for like a half a min. it has not cut me off in games but when i am on a browser or on my phone it does that it cuts off for half a min. please help. and thank you in advance
  9. my party chat will not work. i cant hear no one and they cant hear me. i though it was my pc or heatset but they are fine. when i change routers it works fine again but if i connect the r1 i can party chat with no one. i wanna try with cod but the game is not letting me in at the momment. please some help to get my party chat working thank you in advance
  10. Sorry you are right I forgot I downgrade but I just found my link to my beta version. Now: I am running dumaos version 1.329 firmware version: ma I up to date or is there an update for this firmware. Thank you
  11. good day. i have a dumaos r1 v1.03.6j is this the latest version if is not. could i get a link or resent it to my email please. i have the beta version already install on my r1. thank you for your help
  12. thanks so much. i was using it with the ip. but i though it was better with the mac address but after some testing of myself. with the ip it works way better. soo thank you and i hope this post helps others have a great day guys!!!!! R1 DUMAOS ROCKS!!!!!!!!! JUST SAYING HAHAHAHA
  13. i have the r1 and i am using the dumaOS so i dont know which mac address to use to put my r1 on dmz from my ip router. i know there are two mac adresses on the back of the r1 but which one is for land the top one or the bottom one. thanks for the help in advence
  14. I am doing it as we speak but now to reupgrade do I have to sign up again? Or how do I get the files to upgrade please and thank you so much love this router
  15. I did ND nothing I can make it to the interface by turning off power and Bck on will do it for a couple days or hrs until it freezes again so should I do it?
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