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  1. Hi i am also getting random wifi signal loss and sometimes internet loss, i have to either change the wifi channel if i the apps will run or reboot the router from interface.
  2. Ok well op was cancelled due to rise of corona. Hi is am using win10 pro, and chrome(i have tried Firefox, Edge, Explorer) i cleared cache and entered the ip configuration but still cannot access the router and internet also it has power light on, internet and ethernet 1 are flashing.
  3. sorry for the late reply i had to go for a covid swab for an operation on thursday, i wasnt able to access router at all, could we pick this up at the weekend or next week as i have to go into isolation until my op on thursday. thank you for the replys
  4. It just Started diagnostics Detecting problems and results are DHCP is not enabled for "Ethernet" and unidentified network in Network Connections
  5. Hi i turned the R2 on and it was in boot loop so i pressed the reset button for 30 seconds and i have connection to the internet but cannot access the router interface, could you tell me how to do the ip configure procedure please.
  6. Sorry it was a last attempt at rebooting it, i had it of all last night and booted it this morning and like i said it either goes unidentified or boot loops
  7. I signed up too but still haven't recieved an email.
  8. While playing online we were booted from game and voice party then lost all internet connection wired and wifi(wifi first) the could'nt access the r2 interface, have tried to reboot 30 30 30 method and get invalid ip address or unidentified network and it gets stuck in a boot loop. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, Having pretty much the same problem, cannot access router interface, r2 seams to get stuck in a loop after a reset (connection then non in a few seconds and repeat) then after another reset i get internet access but no interface.
  10. Hi is there a time frame to sort this out, got some angry kids getting lag rage because i cant geo lock them
  11. Thanks will do when I get home am out at the mo,
  12. I have done this and now no internet at all!!
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