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  1. Do not work for me, didn't found any fish or shark with this setup lol
  2. What's your settings ? I still have lag compensation and getting hit by SBMM
  3. A.L.W.A.Y.S. Disable iPv6 in Settings. Seems like Netduma routers don't like these things. Edit : I've tried something different and seems better. ABB off, equal download/upload distribution for all devices, Ping Assist 30.
  4. iCreats

    Activision suck

    😂 Il ne faudra pas s’attendre à une amélioration je pense
  5. UpNp enable, nothing in Port Forwarding
  6. QoS set on Always, 90% download and upload on my PS4, Geo-Filter with Polygon Mode (only US servers) & Ping Assist set on 1.
  7. I've tried these ports, works pretty well on MW/Warzone (hit detection was fast), i'm still searching for Cold War
  8. The lowest is around Wichita (US), 46ms but still having lag compensation. It’s bizarre but real. Maybe should I set an automatic MTU and DNS ? I’m using
  9. I’m using 3074-3075/30000-45000, show packet etc but still laggy and having huge late bullets. IMG_9773.mp4
  10. I can try Miami server which is the closest, but Ping Heatmap show me 65/70ms. That’s weird because servers during the Alpha version were perfect for me. I’ve tried MW19 last night and bullet reg was correct, not perfect at all but playable.
  11. It's a little bit better but still laggy, even when i'm using Polygon Mode only on the fastest server. (48ms) Do you think that Cold War servers are messy ?
  12. vnzV5HokECB500cF.mp4 Every game, this is what i'm struggling with.
  13. Guadeloupe (Caribbean), closest server is Miami but the best ping is from Wichita servers. This is my traffic prioritization setup.
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