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  1. Thank you @Netduma Alexfor these recommendations and quick response to all my questions!!!!!!! This is the info that I needed! You guys rock over there at Netduma!! Keep up the good work guys!!
  2. I live alone and this is my current setup. I know everyone is different, but I'm looking to optimize my settings to its max potential. I play Call of Duty, and I really don't have any issues or complaints connections when playing online, just trying to see if there is any wiggle room for improvement, to an already good connection. My ping usually hangs around 13ms-30ms. Equipment: Netgear XR500 Spectrum Internet Provider w/ Spectrum 3.1 Modem Upload Speeds: 20Mb Downloads: 480Mb I live in Texas, so I keep my Geo-Filter radius only on the state of Texas which is at 395 miles or 636 Kilos. Traffic Prioritization box (DumaOS Classified Games) is checked. I only have 6 items on my network Map (iPhone, Mac, Roku, Chromecast, PS4 PRO, Dell Laptop). IPv6 is disabled When I play call of duty online I disable the Wifi so that the only things able to use bandwidth are the Mac with the DumaOS software open only to monitor ping, servers and my PS4 PRO. My questions are: 1) Do I still need to use the Anti-Bufferbloat bars? I currently put the Anti-buffer bloat at 70/70 when playing, and High Priority Traffic Detected is checked. If I set it to never and left it at 100/100 would it improve the ping or connection when playing Call of Duty? 2) I don't use it, but should I even use the Bandwidth Allocation flower? If I unchecked the share excess in the Bandwidth Upload/Download options and put 95% of my bandwidth to the PS4 PRO and 5% to my Mac, would that improve my ping or connection on Call of Duty? 3) Should I port forward? I currently use UPnP without Port Forwarding. 4) Or should I just keep my current settings as is before I mess something up? lol. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hey Jack, Yeah, I'm running into the same issue. I just upgraded to Duma OS for the second time as of 9:17 pm today, and could not find any games/matches on BO4. Which console are you using? PS4 Which game mode are you trying to play? Black Ops 4 Which DumaOS powered router are you using? Netduma R1 Where are you located (approximately)? Austin, Texas Describe any problems you're having. Can't connect to any games no matter the game type, after multiple attempts, and game reboots. If you have the Netduma R1, please try setting Ping Assist to 50ms and make sure Filtering Mode is enabled. Then, reboot your game. Does this fix your problem? Tried, and does not fix my problem/issue. These issues are the only reason I haven't bought the XR500, scared I won't find games. I did revert back to original firmware and I'm finding matches no problem with around 15ms ping. Really want to give Duma OS a try, but think I'm going to wait until things get worked out, and the R1 original firmware just works for me. I'm still a fan of you guys!!!!!
  4. Aloha, Netduma Family. Need some input, help, recommendations feedback.. Getting a little frustrated with BO4. Location: Texas Router: Netduma R1(Original Firmware) Ping: 20-40 (depends on the time of the day) Basic Info: 120 down, 15 up (Spectrum internet) Sliders: 70/70, Reactive, Hyper Traffic is set. First I want to say I love my Netduma! Had it for about a year now. I'm always in the forums trying out different settings that I see people posting. If I go back to WWII, Infinite Warfare or BO3, I can find a match almost immediately, even with a shorter Geo Filter range of only 900km(600 miles) . I attached a picture with my current settings and for some reason, I cannot find matches in BO4, and when I do I get kicked(lobby is not joinable) or the lag/ping is unplayable. I don't even know what to do anymore. I upgraded to the Duma OS and same results, so I downgraded back. For the XR500/XR700 owners are you having the same issues? I live alone and figured buying an XR500/XR700 would be overkill for me, and my Netduma usually works perfect, except with BO4. lol... Or should I upgrade routers? Would love to hear any recommendations from people with settings they have tried. Thanks, Duma Family.
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