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  1. ok, I was finally able to get the router upgraded but I am not able to get into the dumaOS interface. admin/password is not working. What should I do to get into the interface?
  2. This upgrade has been sitting for over an hour and has not finished. Prior to trying this upgrade my QOS was giving Unmatched Device errors. Can I reset my R1 and then upgrade to the latest DumaOS version? Thanks.
  3. My advice to anyone, say off the dedicated servers unless you live close to one. P2P has been my best friend lately ☹️
  4. So far it's been clear that Blacks Ops 4 Dedicated Servers and the R1 with DumaOS simply don't work well together. I live in western pa and by far my best experience playing BO4 has been when I am on P2P. Sadly for me, this will be year 2 of this as WW2 played the EXACT SAME WAY. I really appreciate what the team at NetDuma has done. Without my R1 I probably would have quit COD. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't tell others what I have experienced. When I Geo Filter to my area I end up getting a P2P game after a few minutes and the countless lobby is not joinable messages. When I finally get into a game it's a decent connection, low lag and I can at least end the game with a 1.5/2 KD. THEN I get put on a Dedicated Server in Chicago or Ny/NJ. Anyone that has played COD and you don't live near NY/NJ you know the connection completely sucks. While on Dedicated Server the duma ping looks great (I've ranged from 16ms to 30 ms the past few days) but the connection actually is HORRIBLE. Hit Marker after hit marker, can't finish a kill and everyone else is looking like TheMarkofJ. If it was only BO4 playing this way I would just say so but this was the same behavior last year. My advice to anyone not living near a dedicated server.....as soon as you see a dedicated server, back out the lobby and only play P2P. This seems to be the only way to enjoy Black Ops 4 with the R1.
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