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  1. Hope this is going to fix this json error think i get in geofilter was working fine but cant use geofilter now had seen a few posts about it but they seem to have dissapeared and yes i have reset to factory settings a few times
  2. R2 came yesterday set it up today what can I say does exactly what it says on the tin warzone hit reg is spot on shoot first kill first the geofencing is brilliant get uk or French server every game cracking bit of kit think the xr 500 is going on eBay also got a suggestion could we get profiles we can set on geofilter for different games
  3. Thanks looking forward to testing it out using Xr 500 at mo
  4. Just ordered r2 coming tommorow what firmware version will be on it and how old is 2.0.123 also is another build due in next couple days many thx
  5. Is there somewhere to sign up for this for xr500 and is it likely to happen this century
  6. Thanks for replies it appears to be ok now didn't notice yesterday when it happened he was in list but didn't have circle round him on map it's there today and worked fine
  7. Hi running latest firmware getting nat errors with friend in psn party even though he is white listed as soon as extend filter it's fine
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