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  1. This was in regards to Netduma Fraser asking about using PingPlotter test
  2. Yes I have already done 2 of them and two different admins on here said they look fine.
  3. What did you tell support for them to process your RMA exchange? Its way past the 90 days for their technical support...so I wonder if they will try and charge me. I mean honestly....it sounds like we have the same situation. I also have comcast and setup is the same. It's weird because sometimes the games run smoothly then the next game is laggy as hell. I brought this router in april then about 2-3 months later started to have issues with lag spikes and ping. It has to be the router if my ISP technician came out and verified twice that my connection is giving the right download and upload speeds to my modem. Also I switched out the router for a Linsys router AC1900 and it actually provides a better overall gaming experience with less lag...the only problem and its a big problem is that it constantly disconnects my wifi every hour or two hours. So its either i deal with lag or have reduced lag on a different router but constantly getting disconnected from the wifi
  4. So I just had a Comcast technician come out and test all my lines and verify my speeds with his own router device that he plugs in directly to my cm1000 modem...I saw it with my own eyes that my internet speeds that I am getting from my modem are 900-950 mbps. So my lines and connection up to my modem is solid...I honestly think maybe Kahari might be correct with the faulty xr500 modem. When i do ping tests with wifi wifi I usually have my ms range between 9-15 ms on speedtest.net when i play my ping is varying...on 5ghz band I can get games for the entirety to range from 35-70 ms then the next few games it can be steady at 90-150 and these games just keep switching between these ranges. on 2.4 ghz band I’ve been through every channel and I usually range from 80-130ms that is pretty steady...sometimes it drips to 25 or 18 or 30 but then I get a lag spike of 120 or 150 right after my ping drops. I bought this router from Best Buy but I don’t have the receipt anymore and I don’t want to waste my money buying a new one...is there anyway I can exchange the router for a new one?
  5. I usually average between 9-15 ms. But for some reason in game it’s anywhere from 35-70ms for good games and for not good games I usually get 115-150
  6. Hardware: Netgear CM1000 modem Nighthawk XR500, CAT7 Ethernet cable Internet Speeds: 900-950 mb/s DOWNLOAD 41mb/s UPLOAD The main problem I’m experiencing is inconsistent ping when gaming. One game I will have a ping from 35-70ms...which is great and the game plays smoothly then the next game I’m experiencing 115-150 ms and it’s too laggy. This sort of cycle constantly is happening and is random from each gaming lobby. Sometimes I’ll have 2-3 games of low ping then the next 5 will all be high ping. Im wondering if there is a way to have a more consistently low ping for every game. I can’t really use the geo filtering to connect to a host that is close to me because I’m playing on mobile and the settings for that are for console and pc games. I’ve tried to enable it and put it on filtering and spectating and even with strict mode enabled but there is no difference at all. I’m gaming on my iPhone so I use 5ghz wifi and speedtest gives me 400-450 mb/s download and 40 mb/s upload. There are no other applications or devices using the 5ghz channel or even the 2.4, just my iPhone running a shooter game. I’ve found that the game does much better overall with QoS in the Never position, also find the game a lot less laggy and choppy with HT160 enabled, I’ve also noticed that enabling the ipv6 with DCHC helps too. Are there any other settings for my router that I should enable to get a more consistent lower ping for every game?
  7. Just out of curiosity, is there a problem with the ratio of packets received and transmitted from my screenshot below?
  8. I game on my phone so I really need solid wifi performance. Any other suggestions on how to do the ping plotter test to show my higher latency or lag spikes i get?
  9. Both tests were done with 1GB internet speeds from Comcast. Hardwired speedtest yields roughly 600 mb/s download and 41 upload HARDWIRED and 380-400 mb/s download and 41 upload on 5GHZ WiFi. Devices used: Netgear CM 1000 modem and Nighthawk XR500 router. Only 1 device was connected running this ping plotter test and no other devices or applications were using the internet connection during these tests. -his is with my internet hardwired from my Router to my laptop. CAT7 ethernet cable This is with 5GHZ channel WiFi from my laptop. Distance from Laptop to Router is 4 feet with no walls or obstructions.
  10. What address do I input for the trace in ping plotter? This is the first time I’ve used this software...from what I understand I should let it run for 10 minutes...just let me know the address to use and I’m assuming just do a print screen and post the ss to the forum you indicated? Is there anything specifically I should do or click on to share my PingPlotter info?
  11. Background: 1 GB internet speeds from Comcast Speed Test over Wifi: 400-500 mb/s DOWNLOAD, 41 UPLOAD Device: iPhone X, NetGear CM1000 Modem, NetGear Nighthawk XR500, CAT 7 ethernet cable from modem to router Ping: 50-85 ms with LAG SPIKES that are constantly popping up at 130 - 150 ms I am having major problems with lag and I know exactly the device that is causing the problem. The Nighthawk XR500 router is constantly lagging my game that I play. I know this because I switched out this router for a Linksys AC1900 and the lag is reduced by roughly 30-40% of what I experience. Now you may be asking why I don't just use the Linksys router if its so much better dealing with lag...well even though the lag is significantly reduced on this cheaper and non-gaming router I constantly get random disconnections from my wifi usually every hour or phour and a half. So its either deal with constant lag and lag spikes on this $300 router or have reduced lag but constantly getting disconnected from the internet on a $150 router. I have already tested this Anti-Bufferbloat and set it up with the 70% on download and upload as well as left it with 100% on download and upload, both situations give me a LOWER ping usually 30-50ms but the ping actually does not correlate to a lag free environment. The entire game play is laggy and unplayable. With Anti-Blufferbloat OFF, my ping is usually 50-85ms with lag spikes, and basically there is less overall lag but constant lag spikes that I encounter. I don't know what to do anymore with this router. I've already opened the NAT and went through all the different channels and play on 5GHZ band with only 1 device connected and only 1 application using the bandwidth...honestly I'm frustrated and disappointed with paying so much money for this router and it gives me worst performance with gaming than a $150 linksys router that is not even meant for gaming. If you have any ideas on how to help or improve my experience with lag, please let me know.
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