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  1. Hello RedBull2k, I have both the R1 and the XR500. I've run your application first on my R1 and it's working great. but when I try to run it on my XR500, it will not launch because the router ID of the R1 is different from the XR500 because I have two different internet service provider. I tried to uninstall but I did not find the application to uninstall it. Do you have a solution to this matter? I've deleted the shortcut and downloaded another one . Also no success, it will only show the R1 router ID. Your help is highly appreciated
  2. Hello MOD, as you know the server port that shows in the Traffic Prioritisation section, is shown temporary for one time. this specific port will keep showing for different servers, unless you refresh the QOS page and then another port will be shown. My question is, can you fix this without the need to refresh the page. I know it is just a bug, and it doesn't affect how Caddy is working.
  3. Thank you, fair enough. I prefer to run Caddy every time I play COD, so it will prioritize traffic automatically. Because, as you know Modern Warfare changes ports continually for each server or game.
  4. Hey MOD, thank you for this app, but as a first time Caddy user, I downloaded your app and run it. it may be easy for you to explain it as you quoted ( above ) but for us ( first time users ) it is a bit confusing. you said it automatically add port to hyperlane, then why the manual button ? also it added a single port to the Traffic Prioritization when I pressed the manual button, but when I tried to add another port ( ports ) by pressing the manual button when entering another server with different port it won't add this new rule. Another question, should we start your app every time we play online ? by the way I play COD only. also, why your app added this specific port 30690, when each server has a different port ? I am sorry for so many questions, but you should explain it so we know what we are doing . Thanks again for your help MOD.
  5. I have submit request for Insider, hope i can make it! knowing that I was a beta tester for the previous OS. so again please consider adding me to the next beta testers.
  6. So, because you're not answering any more, I can guess it's a hardware issue? Anyways, please confirm this, so I can sell my Netgear XR500. Thanks,
  7. Hello Alex, any news about the issue?
  8. each server that I connect to ( Italian, German, UK, France and even some US servers) show either 5ms or 6ms ( sometimes 7ms ). Device type PS4 PRO.
  9. Yes, you are right, the problem is with the XR500.
  10. I meant that, when I try each of the modems alone with the xr500 they have the same issue. so it is not a modem issue. as for your second question concerning the R1, I said that the R1 is showing normally the ping when I use it instead of the xr500.
  11. I have 3 modems, and the 3 of them are doing the same thing. I have D-link vr400, D-link vr900 and linksys x6200. Knowing that this bug has been recently appeared about 2 months ago. I have also the Netduma R1 in which, the ping is showing normally. I asked Fraser if it's a hardware issue, but he confirmed that it must be a software issue. I am 100 % sure that you, Dumaos team, can solve this problem. I know it's a matter of trial and error. I am willing to try whatever you suggest to me, so please keep trying to resolve this matter. Thanks a lot.
  12. doing it now. will get back to you in a few.
  13. Unfortunately nothing changed. Hard reset twice and still the same results.
  14. I've already done it twice. Anyways, will try again tomorrow after work and will feed you back. But my question is, could it be a hardware issue or it's not possible?
  15. I did that too, ping the server manually and it's the same results. worth mentioning that I have also the Netduma R1 and it does not have this bug. Ping is showing normally according to each server.
  16. Hello Dumaos army, I have the Netgear XR500 since one and a half year, and it's working great and as expected. but lately I am having a bug in reading the ping, whatever server I connect to, it show maximum 5ms. It is just a reading bug because my ping assist is at 55 ms and it usually connect me to same servers that I used to be connected to, before this bug. Knowing that I am in the middle east and I usually connect to European servers and sometimes the US servers. I have tried everything from hard reset to downgrade my firmware and then upgrade but to no avail. I am currently on V2.3.2.56 and I only play call of duty. What could be causing this, and is there any remedy to it? Thanks,
  17. Hello Frayser, Any advantages by using this method ? connecting directly to the R1 through pppoe?
  18. Hello Stalker4hire-, I had the same problem as yours for several weeks. Tried everything to fix the UPNP issue but with no success. Reboot my R1 and even hard reset it but still the ports are showing in the UPNP section, even though the UPNP is turned off. But now I've found a solution to this but doing the follwoing: 1- Hard reset R1 ( firmware milestone 1.3 ). 2- Immediately after hard reset, downgrade to the old R1 os ( 1.03.6j ). 3- While on 1.03.6j , turn the UPNP OFF and hard reset 4- Immediately after hard reset the R1 upgrade to milestone 1.3 Everything now should be working as usual, you can portforwarding while UPNP is off. cheers,
  19. Hello Admin, I am already using the same ports mentioned in your reference. By doing what you suggested, it messed up my connection. Start connecting to P2P lobbies with much higher pings, whereas I always connected to dedicated servers. Frankly I don't care too much about open Nat, as long as I am having a good lobbies, connection etc... So I turned UPNP off, and boom, my R1 is great again. Please, please try to suggest to everyone to hard reset his router before upgrading to DUMAOS. For the past several months, I never had a stable experience with my Dumaos, sometimes it's acting good and sometimes better, but now it is much, much better after I downgraded to 1.03.6j and then I hard reset my R1 and then I upgraded to milestone 1.3 and made the setting mentioned above. Anyways, thank you very much for your help and support.
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