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    KennyUbstrd1 reacted to neo2070 in How to open your NAT with the XR500   
    Thank you! Love the support that we are getting on the DumaOS and XR500..one of the reasons I returned the X6S for the XR500. Keep up the excellent work guys much appreciated!
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    KennyUbstrd1 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released   
    Thanks for the feedvback. I did not change any settings. Before the update I always got ping values. But as you noted the app is functional in game.. good work folks!  Appreciate all that you do..
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    KennyUbstrd1 reacted to BIG__DOG in XR500 - XBox Configuration. To ipv6 or not to ipv6.   
    i have ps4 and xbox1x and I use upnp with no issues. It works better for me than port forwarding. Avoid DMZ if you can as you are exposing your console putting it outside a firewall.
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    KennyUbstrd1 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR500 - XBox Configuration. To ipv6 or not to ipv6.   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    I would absolutely recommend you disable IPv6. It's not fully supported by DumaOS features and could therefore explain the ping increases.
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    KennyUbstrd1 reacted to Netduma Admin in Anyway to turn off this horrid Device Manager UI?   
    Hi there - thank you for your feedback. The Network Map was always envisaged to give an overview of your network and to dynamically update when devices came online / offline. So it's more focussed on real-time information.
    Reading your use case, as a power user, is very helpful. We will definitely look into adding an option to switch both the Network Map and Bandwidth Allocation into a table / list and providing more information on Bandwidth Allocation when there are several similarly named devices. 
    I appreciate that this doesn't resolve your usability issues right now, but user feedback is a big part of our roadmap so please let us know if you have any other feedback for us. This is just the first iteration of DumaOS and we have so many new features and improvements planned, which because the OS is fluid, we can do quickly.
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