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  1. I never really use the Geo filter feature I always use congestion controlBut I managed to fix the problem by looking in noticing that my Geo filter was on filtering mode this whole time, Thanks for the help
  2. No Fraser, my console reads moderate as well, I never stress in game as much cause I know sometimes it’s false , also it’s a just the Verizon modem itself I only pay for the internet, also the nighthawk is in ap mode with my Xbox one x being directly connected to netduma side note, I don’t use the geo filter I only use the congestion control and priority setting for my 1x
  3. Ever since I’ve upgraded my netduma r1 my nat has been switching from open to moderate. I had recently bought an Xbox 1x and moved my original Xbox on a different tv and also bought my kids a ps4 , would the amount of game systems on my router be the cause, setup Verizon 1gb/1gb ->netduma->nighthawk-> wired to Xbox 1x
  4. I got gig doesn’t make a difference in gameplay, all depends on the server your put in and who’s in the game ( connection wise ) if a game plays bad leave lobby search again
  5. That’s standard, psn, Microsoft have capped there download/upload speeds so don’t expect anything higher then 250 mbps dL and 120 mbps
  6. yeah i feel like its a waste, every lobby is random, i just leave if too laggy.
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