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  1. I tried using my twitter login email and password, and it says "The password you entered is incorrect" I tired password recovery, but I never get an email. Perhaps because this account I am posting from also uses the same email address (as does my twitter)? Btw, thanks for helping with this!
  2. Hey Fraser, I never did hear from anybody about this - could you reach out to them again for me? Thanks.
  3. Happened again with another server, this one in singapore I believe, that I temp banned yesterday - so apparently banning only has an effect when strict is ticked and if I don't have it ticked, which I can't in comp, I can connect to those banned servers. fml Australia 8f3621ecd32ec9ce Singapore 1934eeb9d1b8454a
  4. Sorry for the confusing title, but that is what appears to be happening. Playing Comp PVP D2. Got connected to a server in Aust. After the match I clicked the strict box and temp banned it. Connected to same server today, after the match I tried to ban it but got the message that the dedicated server is already temporarily banned. How long is a temp ban and does it only apply when strict is ticked during matchmaking?
  5. Hey guys, I noticed the twitter login is working. I authorized with twitter but when twitter sends me back to the forum it requests I pick a username but it says it is already taken. Any way to tie them back together? twitter handle/forum handle is willphule Thanks!
  6. Forsaken has been a nightmare with disconnects and networking errors and disabling geofilter has not helped me with the issue at all.
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