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  1. Yeah notice the date on that. This router is basically abandoned at this point.
  2. Newfie says that’s the case. i honestly don’t know what’s true at this point.
  3. So basically, long story short, the delays in updates are mostly the fault of the DumaOS team dragging their feet? what Newfie is saying (from what I can tell, since his wording is rough) is that all progress is being held up by Netduma team. then what E38bimmer says is it’s all Netgear’s fault.
  4. Sooooooo. Update? I have seen several folks from the Duma team say that it is Netgear who holds up these updates. But a dude on Reddit (who wouldn’t identify himself, but hinted that he works for Netgear) said that it’s Duma who holds these up. That as soon as Duma makes the update available, Netgear pushes it out. I don’t know what’s true, but I do know one thing: although the router is working just fine, there are some features that need fixed and many that need added. Where is the update guys?
  5. Show me where I “apologized for those that whine” (the words “Sorry” nor “Apologize” are nowhere in my post). Show me where I “spoke for other people on mass”. Show me where I “sang its praise for all users”. I said none of that. Notice that I say “I” and “Me”. I don’t say “We” nor “They”. In fact, the only time I spoke on behalf of others is when I said “we all wish Duma had more say in the matter”. And I think I was safe saying that, since I’ve seen that mentioned time and time again here. It’s one of the key complaints I think we can all agree on, perhaps maybe even the Duma team themselves. The “thanks for putting up with our whining” was a light-hearted joke. I’m sorry if you felt patronized by that. Although it doesn’t surprise me, coming from someone who makes a major reach to try and turn my statements into something they’re clearly not.
  6. The DumaOS team takes a lot of rage. Sure, some criticism is warranted. But this router is still the best router I’ve ever owned. A strong, robust signal. Low ping in all of my games, almost never disconnects. And yes, DumaOS could use some more timely updates. It needs new profiles for games added. And the Port Range Triggering interface needs reworked (guys I know it’s something Netgear designed but you really should insist on them upgrading it. Please see how it works on a linksys router and you’ll see what I’m talking about). But DumaOS is cool as hell. I haven’t had a need to poke around in there much lately, but each time I do, it still feels special. The reality is, DumaOS saw a way to get their hard work into the spotlight by partnering with Netgear. And yeah, Netgear does seem to hold them back at times. And we all wish Duma had more say in the matter. But this team, at the end of the day, has a nice product that they work hard on. Wouldn’t you want that same chance to have your hard work used by as many people as possible? Thanks for putting up with our whining on here Duma team. And keep up the good work.
  7. Yeah sure, I wish updates would be more regular. But I also think some of the rage criticism the NetDuma team receives is a bit unfair. The reality is my router works very well. It’s been running consistently since I bought it about a year and a half ago.
  8. Has anyone on the NetDuma staff actually picked up a phone, called Netgear, and asked them “seriously guys, what the hell is holding up the update?” ???
  9. QoS is just fine for me. This post is definitely anecdotal.
  10. When I set a device, or set specified services on a device to be behind Hybrid VPN, what happens to said device/services if connection to the VPN is lost? Is there a kill switch in place? Will the internet traffic be cut off to the device/services? Or will it continue on without the VPN connection?
  11. The XR500 uses UPnP to selectively open and close needed ports, correct? I’m just wondering if someone can help me understand how the XR500, or routers in general, decide what traffic to let in and out.
  12. I actually quite like the device manager. I think it is a really unique and awesome view of the entire picture of my network. I suppose those other options mentioned by OP would be good to add, however. The more features the merrier! But while I'm at it, you guys really, really need to update and add to the device types. Please add Set Top Boxes, Shield TV, Fire TV, Smart Watches, Smart Appliances, etc. Again, you cannot add too much here. The more the merrier. Will you all please consider this? Edit: Also, Wii is the latest Nintendo Console available? No Switch? C'mon, you guys are a GAMING OS.
  13. No. If you have more than one device that call for the same, or overlapping ranges of ports they require, then Port Forwarding will not be ideal. Also, Port Triggering is considered more secure, as it will close the ports back up after a specific length of time. UPnP is ideal, as you said, but there are indeed cases where UPnP isn't always consistent. It definitely didn't work properly with my PS3. And with my Nintendo Switch, it's also not consistent. I can run the Network Test and get an A. Run it again and get an A. Then run it again and get a D. I was able to replicate this issue multiple times. But I'm not sure you guys at DumaOS have ever encountered this, seeing as the latest Nintendo console you have in Device Manager is Wii. In the case of the Switch, however, DMZ is indeed best, since Nintendo asks for WAYYYY too many ports to be open. But in the case of PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam, it is great to have Port Triggering set up, as UPnP is not always consistent. I mentioned that the Port Triggering feature is desperately incomplete and less than ideal a couple weeks ago. Instead of saying "you don't need it" or "that's for Netgear to sort out", why not take time to familiarize yourselves with a feature that multiple customers have now asked for? Why not advocate, on our behalf, to Netgear, and encourage them to enhance their Port Triggering interface? Fraser, you are absolutely awesome, and are very engaged with the community here. NetDuma has built an OS that is really special, and awesome. You should be proud of that. Despite the flaws that the XR500 has (and there are a couple), I am very happy with it, and a large part of that is because of this wonderful OS. But it is really disheartening when we don't feel that our suggestions will be advocated for, directly to Netgear, on our behalf. I realize that there are aspects that Netgear has control over. But the reality is, this router has your brand on it. You should be pointing out to Netgear when there is room for improvement. And the Port Triggering, and the "ReadyShare", and the VPN..... All of these interfaces are absolutely horrid, and things to be ashamed of. Can we get a commitment from you, right here, right now, that you will at least bring these things to their attention? That you will champion this router's entire package?
  14. Thank you for your reply and the information. It is very refreshing to see you guys so actively answering questions and replying to your customers (fans) so promptly. I do feel that you guys have created something very special with DumaOS. With that said, I am really struggling to understand the relationship you have with Netgear in regards to the XR500. Based on your comments about the VPN solution, it seems you guys on the DumaOS team submit proposed updates, and then Netgear has to test/approve them? And then, when speaking about UPnP, you said "UPnP on Netgear routers are very good from what I've heard". Why would this be something you've only heard about, and not something you've actually experienced for yourself, first hand? Do you guys not have the XR500 in your office, and do you not mess around with them in a live environment? Your response to my Port Triggering suggestion was "That's for Netgear not us, anything in Settings is to do with them". I know this may be the case, but when you look under settings, it still says "DUMAOS" right at the top of the page. And I'm not trying to be rude with that statement, I'm simply pointing out that, although it may be Netgear who controls that aspect of the router's settings, the OS is still yours. It has your name on it. Shouldn't you have some say in the direction Netgear takes this router, in terms of upgrades and features added? Do you not work closely with them to do so? I just bought this router less than two weeks ago at Best Buy, and they have a 14 day return policy. Based on things I've read here in these forums, and other stuff on Reddit, I can see DumaOS is a work in progress, to say the least. I am more than willing to go on that ride with you. Again, I feel Duma is superb. But I am going to need to feel confident that the community will be listened to, and that the DumaOS team can advocate directly to Netgear on behalf of the community. When I hear you say, basically, that's for Netgear to sort out, that's a pretty big red flag to me. To add to this point, your response to my question 3, "Can't answer that but would just port forward if needed but UPnP should be fine" is less than ideal. In my experience, UPnP doesn't always provide an open NAT. Although I no longer own a Playstation, back when I owned a PS3, this was most certainly the case. Port forwarding is okay if you have ONE device that needs access to certain ports. But what if you have multiple devices/games/services that require the same ports, or a range of ports that overlap. For example, lets say a voice chat application calls for ports 2330-2340, and a console calls for ports 2335-2345. If I simply use Port Forwarding for the chat application, now my console can't use the ports that it needs (2335-2340) because they're already being forwarded elsewhere. This is where Port Triggering is ideal, because you can open a range of ports, for even multiple devices/games/apps that may share a need for them, as they're triggered. It's also considered more secure, because these ports will be closed by the router after some time. Here is a video that explains this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO9ZrMyV-M4 Again, I don't mean to sound rude, but I am perplexed that you aren't familiar with this. In closing, DumaOS is your product. And if there are certain things that are out of your control, that is definitely understandable. But it seems crazy to me that your team isn't in a position to at least advocate for certain features to be added on behalf of the customer. I imagined that the DumaOS team and Netgear are in a partnership together, but perhaps I was wrong. I guess I will reach out to Netgear and see if they plan to change their Port Triggering interface. But as it stands, the Port Triggering interface is terrible, in my opinion, and that is just one example of something that I find to be unacceptable for a $300 router to be lacking. In all honesty, a lot of my decision on whether I keep the router or return it this Friday will hinge on that. The VPN stuff, I'm willing to wait on, and take your word that it's coming. Although you didn't go into specifics about being able to customize what gets trafficked through the VPN and what doesn't.
  15. I just purchased my XR500 on Friday, July 6th. So far I really like it, for the most part. There are some issues and questions I have, and some requests/suggestions as well. First of all, DumaOS is great. There are a lot of features I truly love so far, and a lot of opportunity for growth. To give context to some of my questions, I want to mention that the router I had for the last seven years has been the E4200 Linksys. Questions: 1. Is there currently not an option to use my CyberGhost VPN at the router level? Not even with OpenVPN? -see suggestion "A" 2. On my last router, I had my Nintendo Switch on a DMZ. Nintendo calls for a huge number of ports to be open. I don't want to open that many ports with Triggering or Forwarding, so I like it best behind a DMZ. On my last router, I could never get an "A" rating on the Nintendo Switch's connection test (I'm assuming this is NAT type) without doing DMZ. On this XR500, so far I have been able to get "A" without using DMZ. Could that be because UPnP is better on the XR500? Maybe UPnP has been updated recently on Switch? So perhaps it may not be necessary for me to DMZ the Switch at all, but I would still like to know how to do it. The instructions within the guide I saw here on the site, and the question mark within DumaOS on my XR500 are not clear to me. I have already assigned the Switch a static IP. 3. How is someone supposed to know the "Triggering Port" for Port Triggering? Steam as an example, they just list a range of ports that need opened. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711 On my last router, there was a RANGE you could set to trigger, and a RANGE you could set to forward. -see suggestion "B" 4. How does anti-bufferbloat work exactly? The guide doesn't make this clear. Like, what exactly do the sliders at the top do? 5. How does the router detect gaming-related traffic? How does it distinguish it from other traffic? 6. What's the difference between "Devices" under "Geo-Fliter", "Profiles" within the "Geo-Filter Map", and "Traffic Prioritization" within the "QoS" tab? -see suggestion "D" Suggestions: A. Add a highly customizable VPN setup. Allow us to use OpenVPN. Allow us to distinguish certain devices, and let them stay off the VPN. Allow us to customize specifically which traffic gets sent through the VPN, and which does not. Like, for example, I want all my traffic, except stuff like Netflix and Discord (because they don't play nice with VPN) to go through the VPN. B. Please update your Port Triggering tab to allow for a range of triggering ports. This seems like a huge opportunity for improvement. There should be a "Triggered Range" and a "Forwarded Range". There's not always one trigger (please correct me if I am wrong). C. Please add more device types in Device Manager. This is supposed to be a gaming router, and we still have only Wii as an option for Nintendo consoles? No Wii U or Switch? We need Switch at the very least. Also, please add Set Top Box. Or perhaps get specific, such as Shield TV or Fire TV, etc. You really can't have too many options here. The more the merrier. D. The games list is severely lacking. Shouldn't you guys be adding all the latest games? Thank you.
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