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  1. Thank you all for answer that for me. Can’t wait to pick one up today.
  2. Hey everyone thank you. Its okay now. As soon as I changed my DNS server to my isp DNS server on the XR500 it resolve my problem. Which is kind of weird...I connected to the Florida server all the time.
  3. Hey Netduma forum, I’m interested on buying XR300 today, before I purchase one I was wondering if it come with ping assist. I Will greatly appreciate it if someone can answer that for me. Thank you.
  4. I stay in Florida , theres a server for call of duty in Florida , and it only happen when I’m using the XR500. Everytime I search for a game it kept saying lobby not joinable. But when I put my old router I found a game instantly. Can this be fix? It’s like the router not picking up the call of duty server right away. Sometime it pick it up sometime it doesn’t
  5. I have fast search disable I did everything. Nothing make any difference. I even do a hard reset I lost count how many time I did that , but I will add it on my list again to see if that make a difference
  6. I have this router for 8 months now. I really want to love this router. I have never recommend any other router to anyone beside XR500. Theres this one particularly issue I dealt with this router everyday . It bothers me so much that I gave up. Now you may be wondering what the hell im talking about. “LOBBY NOT JOINABLE “ seriously this is the most annoying painful things ever. I live in Florida , my radius circle cover all Florida, there is a server for call of duty locate in Miami Florida . You’ think it would be easy for me to find a lobby right away since I’m less than 100 miles away from that server. Unfortunately That’s not the case. Everyday I have to keep restarting my app for me to connected to the Florida server . For example if I open black ops 4, search for a game, I will connect to the Florida server on my first search . If I back out from the lobby , and look for a new lobby my radar can’t pick up that server , like it doesn’t exist, I kept getting back to the menue saying lobby not joinable. I have to keep flushing cloud or restart app for me to connect to that server again. But when I put my console on spectating mode I connected really fast to server from different states. I don’t want that. I want to connect to the one in Florida with filtering mode on. Any idea why this happening? Can’t connect to the server inside my radius circle smh
  7. I can confirm this is happening to me.My is going up . About 120 plus. It’s no wonder why I shoot first and die first. So much hit marker
  8. I have this router for 4 months now. I love it. So far I have 1 issues with it. At the beginning it was fine. Ever since I did last 2 update my ping increase I dont know why. My base ping is 14 and Im getting 34 in game sometime 50. It's not stable . It goes up and down. When i first got this router my ping was around 17ms and 20ms. I did alot of research to see what a doing on but couldn't find any. I hope I can find the solution in here. And one more thing when I directly plug the modem to my ps4 I get 17 ms ping . Very solid never go up and down but when I put xr500 it goes up and I close to the game server too. My download is 1Gigs Upload 40 Slider 70/70 Anti budferbloat set to "always" Bandwidth allocation Download "20 percent", upload "20 percent" I have media server disable, and wifi completely off from router. Using straight wired. Traffic prioritization enable
  9. I find out what's going on. If I switch browser. Like going to incognito and log into the router. Everything will check back including change miles to km. I'll try posting a picture later.
  10. I did the factory reset because everytime I go online to go filter it shows auto ping check when I uncheck it like an 1 hour earlier before. And thank you. I'm gonna turn on my console I'll let you know if auto ping ch4ck by itself again
  11. I'm having the same issue also my auto ping always check by itself. Everytime I uncheck it. It check by itself. Clan you help me fix that please? I lost count how many time I did a reset factory.
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