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  1. ok so it sometimes work. but still not as good as i wanted. i got like 4 games on US server. can't you guys just fix the server misallocations? i submitted so much already.
  2. So this worked and i got a game at the first try, but then it stopped finding games to join and stuck on searching, or just finding a game and then telling me that i can’t join this game..
  3. i really really want to play US servers, can some one please maybe remote connect me or something? the reason i got Netduma is for the Geo Filter
  4. the white list is all US verified servers that i played on last night.
  5. Played last night with my US friend, so i White listed some US server. Then i put the circle in the middle of the ocean, but now it is searching for game for long time and can't find.
  6. Ok gonna try it when i play with him next time. Keep me updated
  7. I need to change the PS4 into PC so i could use it. will try and update.
  8. Trying VPN now, but i can't add the PS4 to the VPN Hybrid - It's grey
  9. btw I also added those servers to my Allow list (maybe it will help some how)
  10. He use US PSN account. I also use US PSN account. He has nothing unusual on his network.
  11. nope. he didn't join no one. i joined him. and it was the 2 of us. it happened more than one time.
  12. Played US today, My friend from my own city get's to play on US server for some reason. He doesn't have Netduma. How could this be? i'm with the Netduma and i can't lol.
  13. That would be great! If it work, check the ping and also show me your settings and play by play how to make it happen
  14. Can some one from Support please confirm that i can do this? so i won't wast my time.
  15. same error. i keep seeing that FAKE US server and its disabled cause i blocked it. i think that is why i can join lobby. so annoying, this is the only reason i got the R1 for the GEO FILTER.
  16. this is what happens when i move a little bit left: i get "this lobby is not joinable" and it send me back to search game menu.
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