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  1. That would be great! If it work, check the ping and also show me your settings and play by play how to make it happen
  2. Can some one from Support please confirm that i can do this? so i won't wast my time.
  3. same error. i keep seeing that FAKE US server and its disabled cause i blocked it. i think that is why i can join lobby. so annoying, this is the only reason i got the R1 for the GEO FILTER.
  4. this is what happens when i move a little bit left: i get "this lobby is not joinable" and it send me back to search game menu.
  5. tried that. still EU servers. i just don't get why it doesn't work
  6. just submitted 10 wrong location servers. hope it will do something.
  7. blocked more then 10 "Fake location US servers" and still i only get Fake US servers with EU ping. can some one please help me fix that? or maybe some one should fix the server locations?
  8. removed some fake locations server and now the game keep on searching....
  9. Blocked the fake US location servers (about 4) and now i get “can’t join lobby” error...
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