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  1. ok so it sometimes work. but still not as good as i wanted. i got like 4 games on US server. can't you guys just fix the server misallocations? i submitted so much already.
  2. So this worked and i got a game at the first try, but then it stopped finding games to join and stuck on searching, or just finding a game and then telling me that i can’t join this game..
  3. i really really want to play US servers, can some one please maybe remote connect me or something? the reason i got Netduma is for the Geo Filter
  4. the white list is all US verified servers that i played on last night.
  5. Played last night with my US friend, so i White listed some US server. Then i put the circle in the middle of the ocean, but now it is searching for game for long time and can't find.
  6. Ok gonna try it when i play with him next time. Keep me updated
  7. I need to change the PS4 into PC so i could use it. will try and update.
  8. Trying VPN now, but i can't add the PS4 to the VPN Hybrid - It's grey
  9. btw I also added those servers to my Allow list (maybe it will help some how)
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