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  1. Not sure which icon is the server but one has a triangle around a rectangle. The number is b768451005569499 and it looks like its located in Wisconsin. The the ping is around 55. It says dedicated. The next game was one in California 30a2400b3fcff0f5. How can I get a server closer to me? I have Geo filter on 300 miles and strict mode and filtering.
  2. Hello all, been playing with my settings and ping assist since the firmware update and thought I would ask for help with settings for the division on xboxone. I can't seem to get my ping lower than 50. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply, should I turn strict mode off or leave it on?
  4. Now that ping assist is available, does anyone have any advice on the best way to set it up?
  5. Yup, I've learned my lesson and always disable QoS when doing my speedtests
  6. Hey, thanks for that. It does not seem to have any effect with the 5g, I'm getting the same results. I did get a message after it was rebooting that said "access to resource denied, your client has not supplied the correct authentication". When I logged back in the firmware version was updated and I am getting 120 to 140 down on the 2.4 where I was getting 50 to 80 before but I am getting the same results on 5g. I even enabled HT160 with the hopes that it would help but no luck. Yes, I get full speeds wired.
  7. I also have a similar problem. I get 900+ down connected and 300 using 5g wireless and about three feet from router in the same room. I was wondering if I can try the firmware as well if that is possible.
  8. Yup, dumb me did not disable in anti bufferbloat just clicked never. Once I went into anti bufferbloat and disabled QoS it worked like a charm. Thanks for the help and putting up with dumbasses like me
  9. My Ethernet port on my laptop does not work which is why I use the OneX. In the past running speedtest on the OneX always gave me correct speeds for the tier I was in. So I do not think that that is the issue. Any other ideas on how to possibly address the issue? I also use speedtest.net on the OneX and get the same result.
  10. Each test is performed wired and I have been using my xbox one x
  11. When connected directly to my modem I get 500 down and 40 up. Once I connect the router it goes down to 170 down and 16 up. My QOS is disabled when I am performing the test. Any help would be most appreciated.
  12. Hi all, Just noticed when I enable ipv6 on the xr500 my anti bufferbloat doesn't seem to work in my xbox one. I have a static address assigned to my xbox and I'm wondering if that is the difference. If so, is it possible to assign a static address for my xbox in ipv6?
  13. Mine did not update automatically like the last one did. I had to go into administration, firmware update and check manually for update then it updated it.
  14. Interesting, for the last few months that I've owned this router that's exactly what was happening. I was always able to see other players, well, thanks anyway.
  15. Ahh, ok, why didn't you say that before? Any answer as to why no players are populated?
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