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  1. not many reasons to spend twice the price of the xr500- it looks better forsure...
  2. well it doesn't do much to improve the connection - if share excess bandwidth enabled it shutters crazy. so i have to disable that otherwise its unplayable. i give most devices what they require to work properly but i don't have enough download to share out with the vast amount of devices connected. then i forget to enable it again and the wife gets annoyed when something else isn't getting the bandwidth it requires the next day when I'm in work haha. id like an option for shared excess to be toggled on and off once high priority traffic is detected. would save me login on to the router overtime i play xbox.
  3. I have 80 down 20 up and if i don't have bandwidth allocation enabled when my wife streams netflix - even tho its roughly 15mb it spikes like f**K when I'm on blackout - just partial use of my line by something else causing me to jump about. your QOS works great for me - just wish i could set it to auto enable whenever it detects my xbox so i don't have to keep enabling it manually.
  4. theres deff one in london mate .static.midphase.com is dedicated btw every dedicated server i connect to is marked as peer
  5. worked like a treat for me - instantly connected to a server london area. deleting device and flushing worked great for me. been constantly feeling like I'm literally a second behind everyone.
  6. there are dedicated servers out there on xbox - 95% it shows up as peer and only tells you once you've connect to the match. once i have connected to this allusive dedicated server i wish i could select to ONLY connect to this, rather than ban every peer. don't care if it takes me 10 minutes to connect- it would be worth it. 🎮
  7. ended up messing with port triggering and it solved the issue - don't understand how it worked - or even if it was a coincidence. anywho - showing open nat now and i can connect to my friends easily. upnp is set to a port number and bo4 says it needs a different number in order to open nat.
  8. So on my xbox network settings I'm showing an open nat - in gaming I'm showing a moderate nat and struggling to get people to connect to me. in game it suggests i use UDP port 3075. h to be honest i don't know how to rectify this 😕
  9. This issue has only started happening to me since the new update...auto update features are disabled. seems like a lot of people are having this issue and the answer i seem to be reading is disable features -seems like your blaming everything else
  10. im also experiencing this wired only disconnects since the update. xbox/tv/soundbar. solutions?
  11. i understand it throttles everything but it is a gaming router so that should take priority? - how about an option to have shared bandwidth unchecked when high priority traffic is detected. like an auto button. would deff save me logging into my router and clicking these two boxes every time i fire up my xbox. dont know if other people notice such a difference that they need to constantly toggle "shared bandwidth", like me. - i have 71 down 21up and throttle 65%down 89% up for a+
  12. If i keep share bandwidth check i get lag /jitter whatever - it makes a huge difference if the wife is streaming 4k. i personally would find it handy when high priority traffic is detected it unchecked shared excess. i get a very steady 12 ping on ww2 and absolute shred with this router with it unchecked.
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