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  1. The Geo filter doesn't seem to help for mcc, every game I get is like 170ms ping, even though I'm set to strict 40ms etc. I'm a UK player also. Would be great if it could work as it is mostly unplayable, and I'm forced to play H5 instead. I am more interested in playing mcc.
  2. Thanks everyone. Just an update, as said I always had excellent pings with BT Infinity, however I did switch over to Sky and can report slightly better pings, also an extra 5mb down & an extra 2mb up.
  3. Hi, I get good pings on my BT Infinity 1 broadband, but I would get a nicer deal if I were to move to Sky (I have Sky TV already). Just wondered if anyone here has made the switch BT to Sky (or vice versa), and what happened to your ping, went up, down, stayed the same etc? I realise Sky uses the BT infer structure but wondered if anyone saw a difference one way or the other. Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. Hi, I would like to upgrade, currently: 1.03.3 Remote support was already ticked, what's next?
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