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  1. Hi all. I'm having a strange problem on my Android phone (pixel 2 XL). When I try to access any Google apps, in particular my Google now news feed and the Play store, it says I have no internet connection even though everything else works. If I toggle WiFi off and use cell data, it loads right up. It's almost like the XR is blocking Google services. Switch WiFi back on, same problem. I've restarted the phone and router. Nothing fixes it. This didn't happen for the first few months. I updated firmware about 2 weeks ago or so. Any idea? Thanks
  2. Thank you for spreading the word xlr8r. If any of the Duma guys can answer this, I still have an issue with the Xbox one Teredo IP. If I don't have those servers under my geo filter umbrella, party chat won't work. The thing is, I'm forced to keep my geo filter much larger than I want it, which gave me some bad games last night. I'd really appreciate a workaround for this issue. Thanks as always, guys.
  3. Totally agree. Fraser, would this be possible?
  4. Fraser, this may be a dumb question, but can ping assist set a range of ping times or just a Max? Say I only wanted hosts between 20 and 40 ms, is that possible to set?
  5. Ok. Do you still have the FiOS router connected and is a COAX cable also running from the ONT to the FiOS router?
  6. Just a question. How do you have your XR500 set up with the FiOS provided router? Can you describe it?
  7. Yep, I'm totally convinced that a super low ping is no good for COD games. My sweet spot is about 25ms, where games are totally fair. As further support for my findings, I had a game earlier where I was connected to the illinois dedicated server (I'm in NJ). The Geo filter showed the majority of lobby player clustered right around that server, presumably with the lowest ping. I was pinging about 20ms, which is good but maybe was one of the "worst" pings in the room. I was basically unstoppable. Started the match 14-0. Seemed like I couldn't be killed. Had multiple triple kills and even one quad, finished 30-9 in kill confirmed, my best game so far. Using the Geo filter to eliminate the NJ dedicated server has really helped me out.
  8. Hi Fraser. Yes, I installed the hotfix. As I was testing the multiplayer connection, I was "allowing" the west coast servers as they popped up on the Geo Filter. I must have allow 3 or 4 of them. When they do pop up, they are properly circled, but the xbox still can't obtain the Teredo IP.
  9. Thanks guys. Did what Sim and Jack suggested and it still won't work. I'm forced to set my Geo filter to cover the entire U.S. I'm assuming wherever I need to get the Teredo IP from is on the west coast. UPnP is enabled. Can something else be done to get this to work, like manual port forwarding or something? I appreciate the help. I'm sure we'll get this worked out.
  10. This is still happening, guys. So frustrating. Do you need the ID of my friend who I'm trying to connect with? If the means anything, my Xbox one is not picking up my NAT type. Edit: a test of my multiplayer connections says the console can't get the Toredo IP or something like that. Apparently that's important for party chat? Edit 2: I expanded the Geo to cover the entire US and it picked up the Toredo IP. When I have the filter set to my preference eastern half of the US, it won't get Toredo IP. How can I get this to work properly (and party chat especially) and still use the Geo filter?
  11. I can't see your ping because the pic is small and I can't seem to expand it on my phone, but this thread established that a super low ping is NOT GOOD in this CoD game. Mess with your Geo filter to get dedicated servers outside of your immediate area and I guarantee you that you will have a better experience
  12. Jack, honest question here. How would banning a dedicated server be considered cheating? By banning the service aren't we merely saying "I don't want to play on this server anymore." How does that affect others. By setting a Geo range to capture only servers we want, aren't we effectively banning other dedicated servers?
  13. Thank you Jack. I will get you that information when I get home today. I did a little more research and it also could be an Xbox One issue. I've watched some videos of "fixes" which include enabling power save mode, clearing persistent storage, and clearing the cache on the console. I'll try all of those things tonight. Appreciate the support. Thanks.
  14. Oh also, why can't I deny a dedicated server that's within my Geo range? I click on the server and Deny is "greyed" out
  15. Hey Fraser. I'm still having trouble with this. I have allowed my friend and followed your instructions and I still get disconnected from party chat on Xbox one. I've deleted the device and also deleted my friend and allowed him again and it still disconnects. Any ideas? Thanks
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