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  1. I had the BGW initially. AT&T swapped it out for the Pace 5268 to see if that would help, but it didn't. I considered the dumb switch route, but I'm getting full speeds right now with my Eero, so no need.
  2. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I was just living with it, but then I did a random speed test at some point and noticed I was getting full speeds with the XR500, even though I hadn't changed any settings. The problem wasn't just limited to the XR500. I was having the same issue when I just plugged my laptop directly to the AT&T gateway. Over the holidays, I decided to get an Orbi system and it was getting 50% download speeds. I ended up getting rid of it for other reasons and picked up an Eero system. The Eero system gets 100% download speeds. So it really makes no sense.
  3. No, I've just been living with it. AT&T never got back to me.
  4. Was this issue supposed to be fixed in the latest firmware update? I'm on version V2.3.2.40 but it doesn't appear to be fixed.
  5. I have AT&T fiber and have the same issue with the XR500's speed test failing. However, I have the Netgear Nighthawk App on my iPhone which can run a speedtest and it works.
  6. No, not aware of any guidance my company gives out. I've never had this problem with previous routers. Yes, UPNP is enabled.
  7. Rebooting the router doesn't fix it. Additionally, I noticed that when I switched from my modem back to the router, my company's VPN was able to reconnect from the quick/temporary disconnection. However, when I logged out of VPN and tried to log back in, it wouldn't work. So something about the initial login to my company's VPN that the router seems to be blocking.
  8. I just connected my laptop to my modem directly, bypassing the router. Everything appeared to work just fine. I was able to connect to my company's VPN and didn't see any Skype disconnects.
  9. On my work laptop, I use Skype for Business. The last couple days, I've been having very frequent disconnects with Skype. It will sign me out and then sign me back in, every couples minutes. I'm also having issues with connecting to my company's VPN, where it won't connect at all. I reached out to my company's IT support and they had me try to connect using my mobile hotspot, instead of wifi, and everything worked just fine. So they told me it's not an issue with the applications, but an issue with the my internet router. I haven't changed any of my settings for the XR500 over the last couple days. Is there anything with the router that could be causing these issues?
  10. It gives me the error in the title of this thread. So, Search for game Server outside of range is queued and rejected "Error - the lobby is not joinable", BO4 boots me back to main menu Go back into multiplayer Rinse and repeat steps 1 through 4 about 10 times Finally might get a server inside range. I've had to just turn the Geo-Filter off.
  11. I have several servers within range. Some are property marked as servers, while other are not. The game still frequently tries to put me on servers (or servers marked as peers) outside my range.
  12. That may be relevant for the R1 but I don't believe ping assist has been added to DumaOS yet.
  13. It's a constant issue. Doesn't matter if you make changes or not. For me, BO4 on PS4 will frequently try to connect me to dedicated servers that are outside my Geo-Filter. I live in Atlanta, GA and I believe there is a dedicated server in Atlanta, GA (same as CoD WW2). I can set my Geo-Filter much wider than I did with CoD WW2 but it will still avoid the Atlanta dedicated server (unlike WW2). However, the Atlanta server appears as a peer in the Geo-Filter so not sure if this contributes to the issue. The dedicated servers it tries to connect me to are all over the place (IIRC Kansas, Illinois, I think New Jersey, and Utah.)
  14. I do have fiber internet with AT&T, but it wouldn't exceed 866Mbps on wifi. I've actually been having trouble getting my download speed to be anywhere near where it's supposed to be. On a wired connection, I'm only getting 500Mbps at the most. So I would think the 866Mbps bands should be enough for me? I did end up going with a X4S. By the time my internet would exceed 866Mbps, we'll probably have 5G anyway.
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