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  1. Agree. I guess I need to wait little bit longer.
  2. It is said "The operation is taking longer than expected" everytime.
  3. New firmware this week hopefully? I can't even resync cloud on Geo filter for a while now.
  4. Still no update on Netduma R2 new firmware? I try the dumaos 3.0 on my XR500 and it is more stable than R2.
  5. Do you have an estimate on the new firmware update for netduma R2? The current firmware keep giving me issue when with flush cloud under geofilter and giving error now if I use my MAC computer to access to the router settings.
  6. Does anyone know when the next update firmware with new feature for dumaos xr500?
  7. When is the next firmware update? Any new cool features?
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