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  1. I would not run buffer bloat tests, for me personally that site has not been accurate for a while. You mainly have to go with your in game experience. And if you want to test your network congestion and how your router handles. Get 3-4 streams going on your home network, then download ping plotter and ping google.com.. Watch to see if your latency stays consistent or if you have any spikes.
  2. You need to switch it to Xbox. The Nintendo device types will cause some issues in the firmware, your apps will not load. You will have to reboot, and quickly change the device type
  3. XR700 dropping Ethernet connections.. It will be fine for a bit. Then everything will drop, my Xbox One X and my Apple TV. It will not resolve till a reboot. I have had a lot of issues with this router for $400 router. Never had issues with my R1, I am contemplating purchasing a R1 again and running Google Wifi off it.
  4. why, I am saying my buffer bloat is good at an A+ and my ping plotter is good? Just highlighting how good the XR700 is when I am streaming videos and downloading a game, that is saturating the connection. Did you read the post?
  5. This buffer bloat test was done while two video streams were going on in the home, and a game was being downloaded on the Xbox One X. With that said I purchased the Asus GT-AX11000 just to see how things compared. The XR700 was on sale also for $359.00, so I couldn't pass it up. The Asus delivered great pings, and ping plotter, but no Geo filter. The only thing I like was the dedicated gaming port, that prioritized all traffic for the device that was into it. So, a feature request is a 1gb gaming port for PCs or consoles so that device is always prioritized and wireless AX technology
  6. I actually defaulted the router once before after initial update and firmware updat
  7. I log into my router interface with my computer and it says script error, sometimes when trying to display the geo-filter too. Sometimes my network monitoring Apps don’t load, they just spin. this thing has been a turn in comparison to my XR500. It was on sale so I decided to upgrade
  8. Has anyone ever used a static IP from their ISP and assigned it to their gaming PC or console. my fiber provider has it available for $20, it bypasses your home network and has a direct pipe to the internet. Thinking about it so I don’t have to worry about any QoS or home network congestion
  9. Thus far the issue hasn’t resurfaced, not sure why it did it on the xr700 vs the xr500
  10. I posted on Reddit about their crappy servers and my 99ms fiber ping to one.
  11. Yes I do. I’ll disable that and see if the issue persists
  12. Yes I have it static IP, that way my port forwarding that I’ve set up works
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