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  1. why, I am saying my buffer bloat is good at an A+ and my ping plotter is good? Just highlighting how good the XR700 is when I am streaming videos and downloading a game, that is saturating the connection. Did you read the post?
  2. This buffer bloat test was done while two video streams were going on in the home, and a game was being downloaded on the Xbox One X. With that said I purchased the Asus GT-AX11000 just to see how things compared. The XR700 was on sale also for $359.00, so I couldn't pass it up. The Asus delivered great pings, and ping plotter, but no Geo filter. The only thing I like was the dedicated gaming port, that prioritized all traffic for the device that was into it. So, a feature request is a 1gb gaming port for PCs or consoles so that device is always prioritized and wireless AX technology
  3. I actually defaulted the router once before after initial update and firmware updat
  4. I log into my router interface with my computer and it says script error, sometimes when trying to display the geo-filter too. Sometimes my network monitoring Apps don’t load, they just spin. this thing has been a turn in comparison to my XR500. It was on sale so I decided to upgrade
  5. Has anyone ever used a static IP from their ISP and assigned it to their gaming PC or console. my fiber provider has it available for $20, it bypasses your home network and has a direct pipe to the internet. Thinking about it so I don’t have to worry about any QoS or home network congestion
  6. Thus far the issue hasn’t resurfaced, not sure why it did it on the xr700 vs the xr500
  7. I posted on Reddit about their crappy servers and my 99ms fiber ping to one.
  8. Yes I do. I’ll disable that and see if the issue persists
  9. Yes I have it static IP, that way my port forwarding that I’ve set up works
  10. My console is always in the geofilter. It has a static IP assigned and it’s hardwired to the router. When this happens the console won’t even DHCP. Therefore it won’t even connect to Xbox Live. Some times it won’t show in topology view at all. I first suspected an issue with my cat7 patch cord. Replaced that and still had an issue. Only thing that fixes it is rebooting the router, which kicks everything offline
  11. I am having a weird issue that after awhile without rebooting the router my Xbox will not be able to connect some times.. Never experienced this on the XR500. A reboot of console and router resolves the issue, but slightly annoying
  12. I’ve tried that. Been battling this for weeks. I find that my gaming has been going better with my current QoS settings. So really hesistant to tweak it
  13. All, I have an XR500 been having issues streaming in the evening. Seems to always be in the evening when we are using our network the most. We will stream on our 4K TV and have issues steaming the Big Bang Theory in HD quality on Amazon. Or streaming movies in HDX quality on Vudu. Not to mention this TV is hardwired now I have 500mb, 125 up FTTH. Cat 6 cabling run through the home, cat 7 cable patch cords and the XR500 router directly connected to the ONT in the basement via cat 6 cabling and a cat 7 patch cord. All fiber is brand new, and the ONT. I have the Xbox prioritized, and QoS set to “when high pri traffic detected”. I also have the sliders adjusted at 85, both up and down. In the flower, I have the Xbox adjust slightly higher then all other devices. Ive done two factory resets, that temporarily fixes it and in a few days it’s back to having issues in the evening. Now that’s when we have the most devices online. And we have 23 devices in the home, 3 hardwired. And this is intermittent at random times. I shouldn’t be having issues on fiber internet with bandwidth drops, etc. I’m starting to wonder if I just have too many smart devices and I need to upgrade to a beefier router like the xr700. photo attached of ONT install I wouldn’t think it would be ISP network congestion
  14. I’ve been having issues with my FTTH 500mb connection. Been having issues with latency in peak hours and it’s provider issues with congestion, and upgrades are in the works. I seen that my local cable company is Offering a gig speed with Docsis 3.1. After researching the new standard, I might give it a try because AQM and PIE algorithm which significantly reduces latency and bufferbloat. thoughts everyone? Should I try it?
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