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  1. Note, I am not trying to use the NetDuma's hybrid VPN. My work computer used to connect just fine, but for the past month, it disconnects immediately after connecting. My setup is a bit unusual in that I mostly use Macs, so my network is Apple Time Machine (WiFi, bridge mode) -> NetDuma R1 (WiFi) -> Xfinity Cable modem (bridge mode). Previously, I connected with a work Win10 laptop to the Time Machine wifi without issue (work VPN connected fine). I have also tried enabling the NetDuma wifi and connecting directly to that, with the same results (immediate disconnect). I am not allowed by work to connect to public networks, so I don't think I can test it in the DMZ. Are there any other ports I should try to open on the Duma for that device to get the work VPN to work?
  2. They are both connected to the Internet, but only the Roomio regularly connects in order to update TV schedules (I believe once a day, it's not a lot of data). The Tivo Mini only connects when you use Netflix or another Internet dependent app from the device, but we don't do that very often. It's main use is streaming live TV from one of the TV tuners on the Roomio.
  3. Same problem with QoS turned off. Upgrading to DumaOS solved the download speeds problem.
  4. Actually, I am now getting full speed to my laptop with the DumaOS update (12MB/sec), but I was not getting full speed (max 3.5MB/sec) even before the new Comcast router. I thought that the Tivo issues started with the new Comcast router, but it turns out that the video stuttering has been happening for some time now. I've had the new router for about 3 weeks. Will test QoS tomorrow and get back to you.
  5. Unfortunately, it's still having the same problem after upgrade. Lots of hiccups and stutters in the video streaming from the Tivo Roomio to the Tivo Mini. Both are on 100 Mb ethernet, and no other device is active that I know (nothing showing on activity monitor).
  6. I don't use the wifi on the R1. I do have an Apple TimeMachine running wifi for Macs to back up that is in bridge mode connected to the R1. But I haven't had any performance problems with wifi. All devices are able to stream Netflix and other video just fine. The Tivo and two Macs are hardwired. I will try the upgrade and let you know.
  7. I never used to have issues before, but recently got a new router from Comcast, and now the NetDuma is behaving very weirdly. I am running 1.03.6g on an R1, plugged into a Comcast cable modem in bridge mode with a confirmed service of 125mbit down/10 mbit up. When I plug directly into the modem with my laptop, I get 11-12MB/sec download. When I plug into ethernet through R1, I get 3-4MB download. My setting is currently 99/99 and reactive. I have a Tivo Roomio and a Tivo Mini connected via ethernet through the R1. Even when there is no other traffic on the network, I now have problems with them losing the video stream (both hiccups and total loss with an error message on the Mini). This shouldn't have anything to do with the Comcast modem, since it is just streaming over the internal 100mbit network with no connection to the outside (in theory). Even the congestion control shouldn't interfere with that if it's only applied to WAN connection, but it may also apply to LAN. Any advice? Any advice on how I can get closer to the full 11MB download speeds without hosing everything else? I tried to prioritize my laptop in device prioritization, but it completely hosed the Tivos, so I set everything back to equal. So first question for admins, does congestion control just apply to the Internet connection, or also to internal network? Ideas for debugging this or different settings I can try? Happy to let you in to take a look at my settings.
  8. Still not able to upgrade. I tried unplugging TimeCapsule and ISP router. No dice, still failed with exitcode 2. Most recently failed with exitcode 1. Then the Internet stopped working, and rebooting ISP router didn't work, so I had to reboot R1, and now Internet is working. Can you reset me and I'll try upgrading again? Should I open a support ticket?
  9. I just tried it from a Win10 machine hardwired to the R1 and it still failed with exitcode 2. I'm stuck. Any other advice?
  10. Any advice? is it safe to try again, or do you need to reset anything?
  11. I got a "Failed with exitcode 2" Was trying to upgrade via a laptop and wifi, but the wifi is through a Time Capsule that is wired to the R1. Router -> R1 -> Time Capsule (Wifi) -> Macbook I can try it with a Win10 machine hardwired to the R1 next time.
  12. Seriously. I'm running 1.03.4 and it's very stable and does what I bought the router to do. The upgrade will be nice when I get it, but it provides extra features that didn't exist when I purchased the router. If I had upgraded to 1.03.5 when it came out, I wouldn't need the devs to do anything, so that's on me.
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