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  1. This can often happen because the Geo-Filter blocks Authentication servers we have not yet whitelisted. Are you guys improving your Whitelist to include more authentication servers to minimize this issue? For now, I've just re-attempt to join the lobby. It does not work, every game I've to restart the game. And Reconnect all the time, see picture ... So the problem is not mine! is the White list auth server that not whitelisted ! and the specific locations of the server that in most part of time appears such as a peer! FIX THAT ...
  2. I believe this may be the mistake ... of many South American players, the localization mistake because that makes no sense! How do I drop the server in the USA with Ping 3MS? Geographically this is impossible, because of my distance! Honestly, I do not know what kind of error may be occurring, already performed the factory reset. And I followed all the instructions requested. I have to keep switching between Filtering and Spec to play because in Filtering the result is 150 ms, not counting the times the game is reconnecting (Reconnecting 9, 8, and error Msg "Unable to Connect to EA Servers") and can't connect so I can play when filtering is on ...
  3. Unfortunately no, when I connect in SP - Brazil the connection is still better. It seems to me that there is some kind of redirection! I can't explain ... In most cases, I play with 150MS of PING!
  4. Here ... Those Three servers, I think one is in Texas, in NYC and others in Cali SF. I Can't Block ... Many times to play I have to alternate between Filtering and Spectating Mode. This server is at SP/Brazil • Ping 18 ms Host Type Dedicated ID 803401ccd11f3e43 Domain Name ec2-52-67-31-204.sa-east-1.compute.amazonaws.com I Can't connect in there ... Help me PLZ THX
  5. So, I did all you said to do and still not working ... see the image below! I honestly do not know what is going on, because I am doing what you asked me and correctly. Still Not Working!
  6. Also this one ! Ping 3 ms Host Type Peer ID f4b1521d4e933136 Domain Name
  7. Apex Legends ID SERVER: Ping 10 ms Host Type Dedicated ID aa239762c049c2c7 Domain Name Appears Such as a peer, Is that right? Ping 10 ms Host Type Dedicated ID aa239762c049c2c7 Domain Name
  8. Hi Guys ! I need a solution for the Apex Legends - geofilter in Brazil, the geo filter doesn't work and the servers aren't in the whitelist, we have got a lot of trouble with R1 and X500. I'm thinking to have my money back !
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