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  1. Are you paid by Ubiquiti to come here and say that Netduma is garbage or are are you just a cabbage?
  2. I can't believe that the admins and mods are allowing this misinformation in this and other threads from this DMC guy. It is funny to read though haha
  3. Battlenonsense's tick rate tests. There is a bug in the FW.
  4. Any cable higher than CAT5e on a gigabit port will only give you better shielding not a higher frequency, you are limited by the ports frequency. A HDMI 2.1 cable will do nothing on a 1.4 or a 2.0 port ,again the ports limitations. Both cables are backwards compatible.
  5. Gigabit ports on a 1000Base-T router run at a maximum clock rate of 125 MHz so a 5e or higher cable will only run at 125 MHZ.
  6. And this lets talk in the third person sim is a beta tester for them and he seems to know next to nothing of how networking works and is bashing them on YT, sesh.
  7. I have two problems with this when I lean over to move the sliders from my laptop I get shot and also when I move my slider to 1% upload my brother who is uploading videos of his ex to pornhub goes nuts at me. Is there a fix?
  8. Using pirated software from a company then use said company's website with no shame hay. Such a nice guy.
  9. Riddle me this .... you and bimmer should hang your head in shame around these parts stealing software. If you had a brain you wouldnt have done it using the same user names as here you fool, go and do your high and mighty guru somewhere else.
  10. i didnt realize you get beaten around the ring by a gloved fist regularly ,my apology's
  11. And after all the moaning starting fights with people here and on social media, you ask for help from the same people you bash?
  12. Totally feeling you on this, I bought my laptop end of 2015 and Microsoft still havent brought out Windows 11, pissed right off.who do these developers think they are making great inventions that we all use on the daily,idiots.
  13. Sorry to hear about that, it's great that you are finding strength. If you can still game that's the main thing, with the advancements in medical procedures who know's they maybe able to fix this for people soon enough.
  14. This board is just like the cod forums, just look at this member calling Netduma staff low hanging fruit, this guy is a troll.
  15. Reading through these comment's and I have to wonder about the intelligence of some gamer's out there. Netgear will have forced their hand to not release the R1 version at the same time as the Netgear version so it does not affect Netgears sales that is obvious. "Should we please some of our early adopters by not partnering with Netgear and give them it first and loose a big deal that will make the company grow, oh go on then". GTFO. Congratulations Netduma.
  16. I dont always enjoy the game, I fill in the WWII questionnaire's, I contact their support with my grievances that may get things heard, I dont moan about a game on a routers support website, what good does that do? apart from show others how difficult it must be to live with these moaner's that moan for moaning sake. There are loads of great games out I will just play them in the mean time.
  17. Feel better now you have got that off your chest ?The amount of moaning that goes on is laughable.
  18. I think the game is great its hard work yeah but it is hard work every year at first it will get patched & the dlc will come out and then when you play on the base maps it will be less sweaty.
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