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  1. Was there a resolution to this. I also now have 250 down and 25 UP and at 100% I get about 300 down, but at 70-99 I get about 160 download.
  2. So I am going to try and switch to bridge mode when I get home from work and I also just found out from My ISP that I am actually getting 200 mbs down and 10 up. sooo I need to change some things does the below list look right. update bandwidth preemptive to reactive turbo mode on Should I have deep packet processing on? I only use the duma for xbox. edit: am I missing anything?
  3. So got my Netduma on Monday. Console: XBOX1 ISP: Xfinity Download: 45 mbs Upload: 12 mbs Location: Midwest, USA Saw pings around 12-25ms Settings were 38% Download 70% Upload and was getting amazing gameplay. Hit detection was spot on. I felt like it was fair with most of the lobby, and I had god connection over the rest. Finally was having a blast on WWII. Since the last update I get "Disconnected from server" after almost every game.... this game is trash.... i guess I like playing trash because I can't stop.
  4. It is happening to me as well! I was actually coming to make a post about it and then I saw yours. At first I thought maybe I had the wrong settings, but I can't figure it out. My friend who don't have netdumas don't seem to have the issue. Quick question. How big is your range set to? What is your ping assist at? What is your congestion control at? Mine: 600mi 18 / 30 38 / 70 It was working awesome before the update.
  5. One more question. When I get home I am going to turn off the geofiltering and see if I do have an open nat. If I don't have an open would you recommend any of the above options over the other to achieve an open nat? Or is all about which one works?
  6. Thank you for the answers. I am starting to think the reason I didn't find those answers myself is because they were in fact too simple.
  7. Hey everybody! Been on quite a few other forums for other stuff like cars, trucks, rc cars, fishtanks... I have had lots of hobbies. Anyway I just posted up some questions here if anyone has some insight. Nice to meet you!
  8. Hello everyone! Just got my NETDUMA yesterday and already enjoyed some improved gameplay on WWII, so naturally I want to see how much better it can be. Console: XBOX1 ISP: Xfinity Download: 45 mbs Upload: 12 mbs Location: Midwest, USA Saw pings around 12-25ms Alright so I would like some clarification on a couple of questions. I have been doing my research for sure, but I am getting mixed answers. I am currently getting the "we detected another router" message so I would was thinking about adding my wan ip into the DMZ of my isp Modem Router, but this leads me to my questions. Does the "We detected another router" message matter if I have an open Nat? (I used to always get "open", didn't retest after setting up netduma with geofilter off) Is putting my wan ip into the DMZ "Safe." I understand the Netduma has a firewall, but is it considered adequate protection. Is there any point to this if you leave UPnP enabled? (I saw someone who suggested using Port Forwarding for xbox live and leaving UPnP enabled in the netduma.) Is there any drawback/benefits to port forwarding vs UPnP other than attempting to achieve an OPEN NAT How good is 12-15 ping? Is there any benefits to bridge mode? I shut off the WIFI of my xfinity router/modem, but did not put it in bridge mode. Should I give my xbox a reserved IP? I am well aware that you can google bridge mode, DMZ, UPnP and each term, but I have read for hours now and am still having trouble how they all relate to each other, which is preventing me from finding the right balance for my setup. Everything is working, but I am just trying to maximize my experience and knowledge. Thank you all in advance for time spent answering my questions.
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