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  1. Hi people, Since a week or two I have problems with the Netduma. I can't get into the Duma's interface. I did reset the Duma thru it's hardware, but still I can't get into the interface. I have tried everything. I looked in windows command with the /ipconfig but even if I type that IP adress, I'm unable to reach the interface. Hopefully you guys can help me. The standard IP Adress won't work as well.
  2. I will let you know. My ISP modem is in bridge mode, so it only works like a modem. I don't mind to have two times Moderate if we can join eachother and other friends. If only one PS4 is in use NAT Type is always Open. Thank Fraser, I did set it up like this. But when I use UPnP instead of Port forwarding I don't need to fill in these ports, right? Also we're playing 99% of the time Gamebattles, so we don't have the Geo-Filter on anyways.
  3. Hello people! It's been a while. Hope you all have a fantastic day. Since two weeks I have a new housemate which also owns a PS4. His setup is upstairs and is wired to a switch, which is wired to the Duma. My setup is downstairs and is directly wired to the Duma. But most of the time either of us can't join other friends on CoD. I've deleted the port forwarding for my PS4 and that helped for an evening, but the problem is back. I can't seem to find the right settings for both of us. If we play both, we both have NAT Type Moderate but so now and then it jumps to Strict. Hopefully someone knows a solution for us, because it gets really frustrating...
  4. Was a great tournament man. Organization was fine mate. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  5. Liked this tournament very much. Maybe an idea for future tournaments: let someone host that doesn't play. Because either you have an advantage or you have a disadvantage (like Lukasz in first game). I killed him with one bullet (he was the only one) every single time and just felt guilty to kill him.
  6. Everyone is still online, right? We can wrap it up tonight?
  7. Either madjust or Crossy is fine I guess.
  8. I don't care to be honest. I'm down for tonight as well, but if the rest wants to do it next week it's also fine by me.
  9. You have to tick 2 times the share button.
  10. Playing against the FFA beast Lukasz. Will be fun!
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