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  1. Oh there's a patch note about it - apparently they've removed it temporarily because of a visual issue.
  2. For some inexplicable reason, BO:CW seems to have removed the in-game ping display with the latest update. Damn, that feature was good. Thank God we can fall back on the Netduma...
  3. I've now tried the UK, French and Spanish dedi's and the ping reported in-game is always around 20ms higher than the Netduma's - so the processing time explanation seems plausible
  4. I've noticed a discrepancy between the ping reported by the Netduma and the ping reported by BOCW's in-game network monitor (found in settings). Netduma is reporting the ping as 20ms, while the game is reporting it as 40ms. Not complaining or anything (both are pretty damn acceptable in my opinion!) but I was just curious as to why the game is reporting a ping double that of the Netduma. Playing on PS5, using an XR500 with Dumas OS.3.
  5. SOLVED! Turns out the reason why the Geofilter wasn't working because it was still assigned to the old Playstation, not the new one. Simply deleted that, and added the PS5. Bit of a schoolboy error on my part - apologies for that. I only have the Geofilter map on my dashboard, and completely forgot that you had to assign devices to it. Still, hopefully it might stop others repeating the same mistake. Cheers
  6. Cool, will try this tomorrow and report back. Just to clarify, how do I add the additional ports? Do I need to create multiple entries for the PS5 in Traffic Prioritisation?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Fraser. Tried this setting and it didn't work - even after a reboot. Geofilter is still completely blank with nothing showing up. Btw, the PS5 does indeed have 'Playstation' as its Device Type. I checked.
  8. Couple of strange issues with the PS5 so far. At first, the Netduma got my PS5 mixed up with another device. It kept misattributing PS5 activity with another device in my network (a range extender). I was able to resolve that successfully through simply resetting the router. However, I still have one residual issue. The geofilter doesn't work. No servers pop up. At all. No auto ping either. Nothing. Side note: I have 'DumaEnabledOs' games enabled in 'Traffic Prioritisation' and the red light does go on, so that's something. I tried manually adding the PS5 manually to 'Traffic Prioritisation' to see if it would resolve the geofilter issue, but it didn't. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  9. Even with filtering disabled, it still happens, but less so. That's my (admittedly not v scientific) impression from testing it out for a couple of hours tonight. Will see how things pan out during the week.
  10. Snap. I was just about to post this myself. I am having the EXACT same problem.
  11. Getting this error message whether Geo Filter strict mode is turned on or off. PS4 Pro, Zen ISP. Not sure if relevant, but for some reason, there's a server which keeps lighting up in Poland - which never happens in Modern Warfare. Not sure if this is a misattributed server?
  12. None of the dedicated servers are showing up for Cold War. Just P2P. Really hope this is a temporary blip for the alpha, otherwise it'll be a hard pass from me for the full game. Also, the matchmaking is atrocious. 10 minutes waiting and I still haven't played my first game. Again, hope this is a teething problem.
  13. Apart from adjusting the sliders for specific devices to give them more of the allotted bandwidth, I can't think of anything. This really should be a feature.
  14. That's the thing - even though high priority packets are still going through, when the red light switches off, the Anti-Bufferbloat switches off too. (I have it set to 'When High Priority Traffic is Detected').
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