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  1. Apart from adjusting the sliders for specific devices to give them more of the allotted bandwidth, I can't think of anything. This really should be a feature.
  2. That's the thing - even though high priority packets are still going through, when the red light switches off, the Anti-Bufferbloat switches off too. (I have it set to 'When High Priority Traffic is Detected').
  3. Just did a check now with your manual port rules, and yes the situation plays out exactly the same: you can see the high priority packets updating, but it's just the light that goes off.
  4. Hi - thanks for the suggestions. I tried both sets of rules...but unfortunately neither seemed to work. The red 'High Priority Traffic Detected' light still switches off at the start of the match.
  5. I usually have both 'DumaOS Classified games' and Playstation enabled at the same time within Traffic Prioritization. I've tried each on its own. Still the same issue. When I add Playstation to Traffic Prioritization, I just select the preset 'Games Console'. My assumption is this uses ports 1 - 65535. That's what shows when you hit the 'Advanced tab' for the Playstation.
  6. Hey guys, I’ve noticed a a strange issue with traffic prioritization while playing COD: MW on a PS4 and I was wondering if anyone could help. The ‘High Priority Traffic Detected’ red light now switches off for large swathes of matches. It comes on like clockwork as soon as COD joins 'Online Services', and during matchmaking - as you would expect - but once play actually starts it will turn off about 30 seconds into the match. It might come on again briefly a few minutes later, but for most of the matches it now seems to be off. What’s strange is that during these periods when the red light is off, I can still see high priority packets being uploaded and downloaded in DumaOS. I’m not sure if these are COD packets or not (they’re certainly in the kinds of quantities you’d expect from the game) however what’s certain is that high priority traffic is not being detected at a system level by the DumaOS. The anti-buffer bloat should kick in and it’s not (I’ve done speed tests to check). I’ve tried rebooting. I’ve checked that the PS4 is registered by the DumaOS as a ‘Playstation’ in Devices Manager. I’ve tried removing the PS4 as a device from Traffic Prioritization and just having DumaOS Classified Games enabled. I’ve even tried the reverse - just having the PS4 active and disabling DumaOS Classified Games. So far nothing seems to have worked. It’s an XR300 btw - running this firmware Any help, as ever, greatly appreciated.
  7. Got this fan mail the other day. You know you've played a blinder when you get messages like this 😆
  8. Ah yes, the bad old days of host disadvantage. Started with MWII iirc. Remember people downloading films and stuff to use up their bandwidth, so they wouldn't get selected as host.
  9. Those are pretty insane K/Ds. Especially in the era of strict SBMM in Modern Warfare.
  10. Not gonna lie, I used to swear by bandwidth throttling. Especially with CODWWII. It just seemed to work. But there's always that lingering doubt about placebo effect. Also I can't get my head around WHY it should work. Lag compensation would surely be based around around ping, not bandwidth. Also, I've never detected COD servers doing a bandwidth test when logging in. Maybe I should try it again and see if it works. Problem with Modern Warfare is that the TTK is so low, it's become harder to tell whether you're on a bad connection or not!
  11. Thanks, Frasier. Maybe this is why some of the UK people here are using the dedicated servers in Spain and Italy. Less congested and jittery.
  12. Long-time COD player based in the UK. Been using Netduma routers a few years now. Having researched this topic for as long as I can remember, there seem to be conflicting schools of thought about what causes a ‘bad connection’. For some, it’s lag; for others, it’s lag compensation. For the lag camp, the solution is to get the lowest ping possible (“Ping is king”). For believers in lag compensation, the remedy is to throttle your bandwidth (to something like 3mb download, 0.5mb upload). However, it strikes me there are problems with both approaches. If the main issue was simply lag, you would naturally expect amazing games on a low ping. But that hasn’t been borne out by my experience at all. I generally stay off the lowest ping servers that are closest to me – even the one on my doorstep in London – because they’re such a nightmare. On the face of it, this would bolster the case for the ‘lag compensation’ camp, but their solution doesn’t make sense to me either. If the problem was indeed lag compensation, what benefit is served by throttling your BANDWIDTH? Cod hardly uses any bandwidth at all. Surely the thing you’d be trying to slow down is your PING – the speed of your connection – to the server? And besides, do we have any evidence of COD doing bandwidth tests on your connection? I certainly haven’t noticed any bandwidth spikes when logging in. What’s going on here? Are the UK servers jittery or something? And how would tinkering with your bandwidth affect lag compensation? Any thoughts greatly appreciated
  13. Hi guys - thanks for the responses. I hadn't done any port forwarding, so it can't be a UPnP port forwarding clash. Looks like I'll have to do a factory reset using the button on the back - can't even get onto the Miscellaneous settings page.
  14. My R1 has suddenly developed an issue. The general interface page loads up fine, but whenever I try to access any of the features (host filtering, congestion, etc.) I just get a perpetual loading bar. Have tried different browsers, turning the R1 on and off again - all to no avail. The R1 is still functioning fine as a WIFI router. Any help gratefully received!
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