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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to Netduma Admin in Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!   
    NEW UPDATE v2: we have updated the Cloud again. This will improve all devices and all games. These changes will automatically install on your router within the next 24 hours, but if you would like to force your Cloud to update, please do the following:
    Go to your Geo-Filter Open the Geo-Filter Map Options (click the three horizontal lines in the top left of the panel) Click 'Flush Cloud' Wait about 30 seconds - 45 second for the Flush to complete. Don't worry if you see a message that says '"Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App" - this is just a default popup that appears when something is taking a while to complete on DumaOS. Just clear the message and wait another 30 seconds for the new Cloud to complete its installation in the background Once complete, make sure you're happy with your other Geo-Filter settings e.g. home location, radius, Ping Assist on the R1 etc. Now restart Black Ops 4 Now play some games. The vast majority, if not all, servers will now be correctly located which should mean you consistently get dedicated servers again. Don't worry if a server sometimes shows as a 'Peer' - there are still servers that we have not yet categorised as servers. This will be something we tackle in the future but it is a purely visual benefit so don't sweat too hard if they're showing as peers.
    If you want to know if you're on a server for sure, click the start menu within a game and click on the Network option. Near the bottom is an encrypted sequence of letters and numbers. If this ends in the letter e, it almost certainly means you are on a server.
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma got a reaction from sebi972 in Black Ops 4 - Getting P2P Only? Post Here!   
    Clear the cache of your browser, then relaunch it and go back into the control panel.
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to purpleandgold33 in is it possible to downgrade my netduma from the DumaOS?   
    Yep, I had the same issues before. You could also try to delete your console flush the cloud and then re-add your console in the geo and then boot your game up. 
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to Netduma Jack in is it possible to downgrade my netduma from the DumaOS?   
    Of course - just follow the same instructions you got in the email  you can also find those instructions online here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000085793-upgrading-your-netduma-r1-to-dumaos
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to mike10522 in is it possible to downgrade my netduma from the DumaOS?   
    I've posted a help topic before but I keep getting BO4 lobbies with over 100 ping VS the normal 30.  I'm also having issues with not actually connecting to servers within my range (entire Northeast united states).   Is it possible to downgrade from the DUMA OS so I can search matches via ping rather than distance? 
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to Netduma Fraser in Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!   
    1. Blocked peer (likely misclassified)
    2. Blocked dedicated server
    3.  It's a whitelisted server required for online authentication
    4. Just a local IP, don't worry about that one
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    Run_N_Gun_With_My_Netduma reacted to XSXS in My Netduma IS a Lemon!   
    There you go dead pool! get on it! lets see if you really have a lemon or if you have something connected wrong on your end!
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