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  1. hurtlocker - We can handle the upgrade here, but that is an overnight process usually as the support for it is based in the UK. HOWEVER - If you start a new thread in SUPPORT, we can get you sorted out.
  2. Might be time for a refresher for the thread. Please read Fraser's notes above to get the upgrade done in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. I can do XB1 BO3 since we have a couple of PS4 volunteers already.
  4. I read it the same way, I went ahead and edited Fraser's post to say reboot, but I will send him a PM, just in case. Good catch Crossy!
  5. Salut Gael - Je ne pense pas que vous pouvez mettre à jour en ce moment. Le redémarrage a probablement inversé les paramètres que Fraser avait prête . Vous devrez attendre demain matin au Royaume-Uni quand les gars seront de retour en ligne pour confirmer. JD Salut Gael - Je ne pense pas que vous pouvez mettre à jour en ce moment. Le redémarrage a probablement inversé les paramètres que Fraser avait prête . Vous devrez attendre demain matin au Royaume-Uni quand les gars seront de retour en ligne pour confirmer. JD
  6. Nah, it would be more like: Bagsta primes a grenade and prepares to throw it Bagsta hit, throw goes off the mark and bounces, then rolls to where JD and Fuzzy are making their way off spawn, because it's hardcore and we suck at it. Bagsta's grenade goes off, killing us both. Bagsta laughing and apologizing for getting a team double kill Love you Bags!
  7. I personally would like to welcome Bagsta into the ranks with a quick team kill, ending his streak, and his opportunity to get payback on a camping little shit. Well deserved my friend! Congrats.
  8. Because they have already got you ready to upgrade and you didn't read the response, this is somehow bad customer service? Perhaps our definitions differ greatly, but from my point of view it reads like this: You had one post, and it was addressed. I'd say they were killing it in regards to your customer experience to be honest.
  9. What version on you on currently? 1.03.06g is the latest. If you do not have that version, follow the instructions on the first page of this thread and Fraser or one of the guys will hit your router and prep you, then you can self install the latest version. What are you missing? Hyper Lane for one. Advanced queuing for gaming packets. And some other stuff I have probably forgotten as commonplace now. It's been a bit and I suspect that was a pretty heavy rock.
  10. Mother of God. You may want to check this again, because if that is your NORMAL 8:00PM run, you have some tragic shit going on. You are showing 100% packet loss on hops 4 and 5, 24(%) on Hop 6 and you have Jitter ALL over your line. Wait for Zennon, as he knows about 1,000% more on this issue than I do, but from where I am sitting that looks like a disaster brother.
  11. Sorry, that should have been "hype", with my intent to give it a go and see if it's for me. It's a free Beta and I certainly don't hold you, or anyone, accountable for my enjoyment of a new game. I'm a big boy and can waste my time if I want without having to "blame" anyone if it is indeed a wasted effort. At least I will know first hand.
  12. Gave it a whirl last night for about 2 hours of off and on gaming on Blops 3. I hadn't played anything in about a week, and I haven't touched this game in over 2. I honestly didn't notice anything different. If anything, it seemed like I was being killed easier and was falling to that damn Weevil at every turn. I am going to give Overwatch a try this weekend and see what the hype is about.
  13. Thanks UK - Always there when a brother needs you. Let me know how you get on, I am curious. I do like the game and would like to have more success at it (as I am sure is the case with everyone here...LOL)
  14. Are you even checking your Bufferbloat anymore? Or have you just found a setting that is working and stopped there? I'll give it a try if I ever get a chance to get back on BO3. I am always up for trying something new.
  15. Rantercsr - Best to make a new thread. This thread is for upgrades only and there is a good chance this will get lost in some of the noise.
  16. Post here and make sure you have remote/tech support ticked under Misc. Fraser (or others) will move you up to 3.5. At that point they will post here, quoting your initial requestand then you will upgrade to 3.6g
  17. Now that the update has been done, you may need to reset from the Misc tab to clear the existing cache of "stuff" and get everyone playing well together. Give that a try and post back if it doesn't square you away.
  18. Please make sure you have 'Allow Remote Access' ticked under Misc - Fraser will be hitting this thread in the AM his time and posting here for each member when they are available to upgrade, so make sure and follow the thread.
  19. Mark - I am not sure I understand the issue. Everything works fine, UNLESS you untick strict mode and then you get kicked off XBox Live? So when strict mode is ticked, you can game without issue?
  20. Please make sure remote access is ticked under Misc so Fraser can remote in and get you set up. Please check back here for a post from FRASER saying it's okay to upgrade.
  21. I think there was a reason they didn't want to do this, but I don't know that the reason wasn't (difficult to understand directions) and would otherwise work . Might wait for one of the Admins or Fraser to reply directly before attempting.
  22. I think the "new" routers are being shipped with it, but as you ordered Sunday, and the new release just went live, you are going to be in that extreme last minute grey area. However, when you get it, come on back and hit up the Chat or the Shoutbox and we can assist in basic set up and then direct you accordingly if you have issues.
  23. Correct. If you have 1.3.5 already, by all means, upgrade. But if you are NOT on the .05, PLEASE follow the directions as most of the posters in this thread have done. Thanks everyone for the patience and understanding.
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