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  1. All devices. Netduma WiFi won't work but BT home hub 5 WiFi works fine after adding the netduma to the DMZ table. I'm really really confused as I've followed the guides online exactly. It's just like the netduma isn't using the home hub as a modem or something.
  2. Okay, so I successfully added the netduma to the DMZ on the home hub 5. However, when connecting to the netduma via wifi, it says connected but no internet but the by home hub 5 works with the internet without an issue. Why?
  3. HM...interesting. BT like always with their trash not working properly! I appreciate the help you've given me but it's just unfortunate I can't really do anything. However, I have a bt homehub 5 which has a modem built in. I'm just wondering if my internet would be impacted negatively in any way by using that over the smart hub as I intend to use the netduma for wireless and wired connections. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, sorry about the late response. I've been very very busy and forgot to get back on topic about this. Anyway, I tried different browsers and there wasn't any difference and I didn't see any other save button. In the screenshot you can see I have entered the Wan IP address the netduma showed in the device manager and have tried pressing save at the top right. However, after pressing save, it doesn't do anything. The screen stays exactly the same saying that I need to save the changes. https://imgur.com/a/jLeuK
  5. I mean that when pressing save after adding the WAN IP it does nothing. Nothing on the screen changes and it doesn't save. After refreshing the page, no settings have been saved. I must be doing something wrong. Is there some setting I need to configure for it to work and do I need to use wired or wireless? I know what to do but the DMZ just doesn't save what I do but as soon as DMZ is on, it will save whatever has been changed in that area. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Hi, thank you for the response. I tried what you said and got the WAN IP address from device manager. However, when I get into the BT interface and enter the WAN IP to the DMZ section and I select the on button, it says that I need to save changes but I press save and it does nothing but if I turn off DMZ then it saves no issue. Any ideas why? I tried it wireless and wired but with no success. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi there, thanks for the response. I did feel that I would have to do the whole DMZ thing. Could I get a bit of help with setting up the BT smart hub if possible though please? I tried following an old guide for the BT home hub 4/5 but it isn't clear to what router to connect to and the netduma device manager doesn't take me to the bt UI or show any connections. I know what to do for home hubs but can't figure out how to do it with the smart hub. Are there any guides I've missed? Thanks.
  8. The device shows up. Rebooting everything like you said didn't fix it. I do have Arial which is how I get channels like ITV but internet subscription based channels such as comedy central work. However, it does have internet as it can do on demand from those internet channels but just can't play them live.
  9. Oh okay thanks. That sounds good and I will definitely try that soon when I get a chance. I am using the BT youview box and the only thing that doesn't work is the live channels like comedy central etc but on demand works fine. I forgot to say the error message I got was IPC 6023 (I think). I hope your method works. Thanks. I tried what you said but netduma said it was still active so I turned it off and had to reboot the router but now it doesn't show up without saying it is active so I cannot remove it. Any ideas?
  10. Hi there, I have a little issue here. First of all, I have a BT TV box that works fine most of the time but when using the netduma and openreach modem everything works like on demand but not the live internet channels like comedy central. However, if I swap out out the two with just the BT smart hub then it works without issue. My question is, if I want to use the BT TV with netduma do I have to use the BT smart hub for its modem by adding the netduma to the DMZ table? Also, if that would be what I need to do then could I please have some help setting it up with the netduma as I am having trouble doing so. I tried following the bt homehub 4/5 setup guide but can hardly get past the first step with the smart hub. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm banging my head against the wall because of this BT TV box crap. Thanks, Adam.
  11. Alright thanks guys. I'm just trying to make sure I understand everything. So basically as I have an open reach box I don't need my smart hub and can just plug it in. I can then plug an extra power line adapter receiver in for my Xbox as it is better than wireless and I can't deal with Ethernet. If there's anything important I should know then please do let me know but other than that I want to say thanks to everyone for informing me on these details and giving me some very useful tips with the power line adapters. I'll look forward to spending time messing with the settings. One more question though, with the VPN do I need to pay for the VPN service or is it included. Do I need to turn the router off and on to get a VPN to work or turn it off? Thank you.
  12. Okay thanks, I was hoping I didn't need the bt smart hub. I thought I could just power it on with the wall socket and plug the phone line in. What reason would I need to keep the by smart hub and use it?
  13. Okay thanks guys, I've already got a powerline adapter for my BT freebies box. I assume the box works without BT router as I still have infinity. Also, for the power line adapters do I just need another receiver because I have a PowerPoint adapter plugged into the router already. Thanks again for all your help guys, this is the one area of technology I'm a complete noob at as my mum does most of it lol.
  14. Okay thanks, I'm just completely new to this as of yesterday and know nothing of how this works. I'll definitely look into power line adapters. Thanks
  15. It won't let me upload the images for some reason so here. https://imgur.com/a/wuzUB https://imgur.com/a/gB0aQ https://imgur.com/a/KoN4Y
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