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    Grimy1928 reacted to BIG__DOG in Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box   
    the netduma plugs into the openreach modem (white box) and all you do is input your pppoe login into the netduma wan section and you are done!
    Also on a side note......please do not create multiple threads about the same topic!
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    Grimy1928 got a reaction from pollutionblues in Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box   
    Alright thanks guys. I'm just trying to make sure I understand everything. So basically as I have an open reach box I don't need my smart hub and can just plug it in. I can then plug an extra power line adapter receiver in for my Xbox as it is better than wireless and I can't deal with Ethernet. If there's anything important I should know then please do let me know but other than that I want to say thanks to everyone for informing me on these details and giving me some very useful tips with the power line adapters. I'll look forward to spending time messing with the settings. One more question though, with the VPN do I need to pay for the VPN service or is it included. Do I need to turn the router off and on to get a VPN to work or turn it off? Thank you.
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