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  1. Yeah 9 maps is disgraceful, it’s just so people have to buy map packs. Don’t understand Cod, why can’t they make games like MW2 and blops 2 anymore, they had problems yes but at least they were fun!
  2. Yeah it is to do with lag comp and SBMM, it’s definitely in the game, why can’t they just do p2p for a bit and see how the game plays. The dedicated servers are awful. Plus the game feels very dry and boring already and as for the snipers! They’re more annoying than the breeci from blops 3!
  3. Agreed dedicated servers are a mess, stopped playing the game for now until I hear of a genuine fix for the connection, the game embarrasses good players it really does, getting owned by little noobs who are clueless. As for the score streaks they’re worse than cod ghosts. Just makes the game no fun at all. Don’t understand cod it just seems to go backwards, what happened to the days of mw2 and blops 2!
  4. Never said it was shit at all did I! God no need to spit your dummy out the pram.
  5. I’m not blaming the netduma I’m just saying for some reason it runs better without it at the moment, probably cause they’ve turned at the dedicated servers off, you don’t have to get defending the netduma pal I know it’s a good piece of kit
  6. Yes I agree mate definitely bi-polar I get that too, starts great end awful, or the other way around, and yeah being host in cod is a joke, ever since mw3 when they **** with the lag come being host makes you at a disadvantage, I seem to be host all the time, when I’m not it’s great, but why am I host surely there’s dedicated servers isn’t there! If there are I can’t seem to connect to them
  7. How can I butcher my settings, what I’m saying is the game runs better with no port forwarding and no upnp on my shit bt router, runs awful on the netduma with an open nat type, don’t understand why!
  8. Netduma seems shit for this cod, I’m the same as everyone else, open nat 100 down 20 up and I’m getting destroyed, I’ve gone back to just using the bt Home hub with a wired connection and disabling port forward and upnp, means I end up with a strict nat type and the game plays better, someone tell me how the **** that works. My netduma has never worked great for me since I’ve had it to be honest Bit disappointed
  9. Just tried with the netduma in dmz and it seems to be working fine at the moment, speeds are all good too. Thanks for everyone's help!
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try it out tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Is there a way to use netduma for PS4 only and have all other devices in the home connectted wirelessly to the bt smart hub?
  11. Hey guys, I'm with bt also and have a smart hub, is there a way to just use the netduma for PS4 and have all other devices in the house connected to the smart hub wirelessly?
  12. Hello, pursched a netduma a few weeks ago and can't seem to get it to work with my other router/modem. ISP is bt and the other router is a bt smart hub. Tried pppoe and dmz but can't get the netduma to connect to a laptop or PS4. The smart hub can not be put into bridged mode or modem only mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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