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  1. Can anyone help me I have been getting the error "out of sync with server" really frustrating always happens at the endgame. any suggestions?????
  2. yes no games even on spectating mode and if I do find a game it's a p2p servers with a high ping. However, I did not removed it from the geo-filter completely
  3. no usually I restart the game multiple times but I downgraded and im finding games now . Maybe dumaos is causing some weird stuff to happen
  4. I was in the process of downgrading from dumaOS to 1.3.6j and I cannot get back to the router page I tried control + f5 but it won't work any help?
  5. almost every time I try to connect to a lobby on bo4 I get the message "the lobby is not joinable" or that it's full. Ever since I updated to the new OS it has been very weird connecting to games. It happens on Bo3 as well and im stuck searching for a game forever. my radius is just over 1,000 miles and I have my friend who lives in the Midwest as allow. any help? I will most likely downgrade until they fix it.
  6. my friend and i cant join each other or talk in the PlayStation party. We were able to join each other and talk yesterday but not today help???
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