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  1. im on console and yes only noticed it recently cant be good
  2. Is this something fortnite uses? Weird I connect to a proxy server in us wouldn't let me upload pic to big here
  3. cod or fortnite mainly, it seems be nice on fortnite but ive noticed ping spikes, cod uk server used to be low but now its an average of 25 pinging up to 30 sometimes higher,i was enjoying it about 2 months back could be my provider but i dunno disconnection on my ps4 not sure if its to do with fortnite server as i went on pin plotter and weirdly i get packet loss on the uk server
  4. ping to game it used to be low and stable now its quite erratic, firmware XR500 V2.3.2.22, most ussually ps4 wired dont seem to get disconected on pc, qos - 70/70 always,sometimes shared or not shared but i dont see much diffrerence either way, setup modem mode wired thankls for the swift responce greg ps dont know why the text has gone like this think its because i copied and pasted firmware version any hooo ... also does mac address matter have tried router and pc dont sse much diffrence
  5. last 2 months ive been experiancing problems with my xr500 i swear either its my provider or the xr500 or im getting ddosed or messed with my ping was lovely now its high and also jumps up high from low its just about unusable also im having dissconection t3 dissconections and weird things going on i seriously need help here kind regards greg pearce ps do i need an update ?
  6. Plymouth they said its router so I'm sneaky got a 2 off ebay quick start it and then if the issues carry on must be from wire or somewhere else?
  7. Yeah I hate virgin when I do dsl report it starts off 30 and the lowest it's been is 27 before that it was really nice I'm. Not sure what happened really am gutted tho cus my xr is good but it can change my initial base ping
  8. Need some advice people? on super hub 2ac ping has gone up crazy lately on my hub was a nice low ping but now it's 30 avg had many visits by engineers saying there are pre rs errors and post rs errors I've had loads of t3 timeouts they reckon it's noise and it's come from a faulty router? Im gunna set up new hub 2 see if it has the same problems if so would it be wiring? Should I use attenuator? Amplifier? It's random also I live with people that have a separate line that has an amplifier return don't know if that's the issue my connection drops out and is all over the place any ideas would be appreciated or knowledge from any members? I might just end my contract it's getting too much now
  9. I can see his pain as for me it's the other way round, also when I exclude or deny servers it still puts me in them annoying as hell and if I exclude them it still trys to connect me to them and then gives disconnect error feels like the only thing my xr500 is doing is telling me what server I'm on
  10. so sorry im an idiot lol thanks fraser
  11. unplugged the ethernets and did 30 second restart dont think i did the reset for long enough back on now thanls ian thought i had bricked it was gunna be gutted but all sorted thanks youre a legend for the quick support and reply appreciate it have a great day
  12. reset but it says ethernet 2 doesnt have a valid ip configuration i think i may have disabled something on the adaapter settings to see it it would reset it . im a donut :/ No it's not broken. Just do a factory reset as BD described above: hold in the reset button for 30 seconds and release and let it restart. That will resolve the issue. Itd be helpful if you could remember what was done prior to this happening so we can either fix it if its a bug or explain why it occurred.
  13. not getting it now it wont even connect think i dunno what ive done here when i look at the ethernet connection says no access and i get this now DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNETweirdly when i look at the settings ip6 is only coming up and some weird dns I DUNNO WHAT TO DO IS MY ROUTER BROKEN ?
  14. Missing JSON error router wont start dunno whats happened ? who is JSON?
  15. On recent finding I found about two sexy ass connections but can't seem to force them and they are located in us but I don't wanna lose where they are how do I force the connection on xr500 again it doesn't seem to be comparable with fortnite most of the other servers are really trash
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