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  1. I currently have IPv6 disabled. Should it be set to something different? I changed the MAC address (original R1 router MAC address) but it wouldn't connect to internet after. So I switched it back to default. Yes both tests were done to the same server 12 minutes of each other.
  2. Sorry for delayed response (was at work). Attached is a pic of the original test the Netduma did to ISP upon initial installation and the second was the test I performed a few minutes ago. As you can see the numbers have improved. All my cables are manufactured CAT-5e cables (factory ends) except one. That one goes to my R7000 router about 40' away. It's a CAT-5e as well that I put the ends on. The cables that go from Modem to XR-500 and from XR-500 to PC are manufactured cables (heavy duty buggers too). Netduma reading during initial setup With Router Bypassing Router
  3. yeah they are set up to that. Whats weird is in the initial set up, it detected my normal internet speeds but when I run a speed test (speedtest.net) it shows much lower speeds than normal after install. So I'm guessing it's something I don't have set up right. I'm so ignorant when it comes to networking I really don't even know where to begin.
  4. @Netduma Admin I just received my XR500 today and I'm have the same problem. Plugging modem directly into PC I get 157mb down and 11mb up. Going through XR500, I'm getting 71mb down and 1.83 up. I do have a netgear R7000 downstream set in AP mode. My knowledge is very limited as far as networking goes so if there is anything I should please try to talk in "networking for dummies" lingo......lol.
  5. I joined this forum in December of '14 and I bought my R1 on launch day. To this day it's been a great investment. To see this place grow from a few friends with an idea to where it is now with the netgear partnership has been really enjoyable. I helped play a small part in creating a friendship between Netduma and the Xim communities. :-) Keep up the great work fellas! I just pulled the trigger on a XR500 and will be giving my R1 to a relative or easing it into retirement. We have 1gb internet available in our area so I figured the time was right to upgrade. Knowing my severe lack of networking skills I'll probably be scouring old posts trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong.....lol. Glad to see some posts about XR500 primary and the R7000 secondary routers because that's what I'll be doing. Cheers and thanks again!
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