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    shantzonpoint got a reaction from Netduma Iain in Day 1 R1 buyer upgrading to XR500   
    I joined this forum in December of '14 and I bought my R1 on launch day.  To this day it's been a great investment.  To see this place grow from a few friends with an idea to where it is now with the netgear partnership has been really enjoyable.  I helped play a small part in creating a friendship between Netduma and the Xim communities. :-)  Keep up the great work fellas!  
    I just pulled the trigger on a XR500 and will be giving my R1 to a relative or easing it into retirement.  We have 1gb internet available in our area so I figured the time was right to upgrade.  Knowing my severe lack of networking skills I'll probably be scouring old posts trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong.....lol.  Glad to see some posts about XR500 primary and the R7000 secondary routers because that's what I'll be doing.  Cheers and thanks again!
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