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    i Work for a WISP so Telecomunication and all type of Tech :)

    Cuz i like my job :')

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  1. the title say it :') Host Filtering For PUBG
  2. Hi im on 1.03.6h and my router reboot a lot for no reason when i apply settings and some times settings dont apply ... now i get a lot of errors messages and the router is getting slower every days ... Help ! (Some time after reboot the router is fine ) should i update to fix it ?
  3. Hi im new here and im french .... i know but please dont be rough I search every where a option to toggle a password before granting access to panel admin but no results here the story : since i block my brother from my router (we have 2 & he reconnect to mine because its closer to his room) he tried a lot of things and finally found the Gateway IP ( and i dont know if its a bug but even block he have access to the admin pannel and can unblock him self .... like CMON !!!! please help or +1 if you this option to be add
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