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  1. The Netduma wont allow me to enter 1000/1000 anyway, so they are are already set as 999/999.
  2. So I've tried the "unplugging" method and continue getting the same results in speed. It's kind of frustrating because I have the gigabit speed internet, I have gigabit capable devices yet with the router (which also has gigabit Ethernet ports), I'm not actually getting close to that speed. Despite this, I know the speeds I'm currently getting are way more than enough to game with no problem. If there's something else that I can do to help improve this though, please pass that info along.Thanks!!
  3. Thank you , Jack, for this information. The Ethernet cables that I'm using are fairly new and are Cat 6. This having been said, I have experimented with other cables that I have here at home and still get the same results in speed. I will try the "unplugging" method later today and see what result that brings. I believe I may have to settle for the speed that I'm currently getting....Thanks again for this information!!
  4. Can anyone tell me what the maximum speeds that can be achieved using the Netduma router? As it stand now, with my AT&T modem/router combo, I can achieve close to the 1000/1000 speeds advertised and paid for. With the Netduma, my top speeds are typically around 300 down and around 100 up. As said above, I have already completed the IP Passthrough process. I saw another feature in the AT&T router for "Cascaded Router" which I believe is when you connect another router behind the AT&T router. I've made a few attempts to getting that done but have not been successful as of yet. If anyone is able to help me by either providing some step-by-step instructions or perhaps even some remote support, I would forever be thankful. If the Netduma is only capable of reaching the speeds that I'm getting with it currently, then I'll just leave well-enough alone. Thanks!!
  5. I appreciate the tips and the link for more information! I'm still struggling a bit as I'm still only getting the same aforementioned speeds...
  6. Thanks again but the reply but I'm still having a bit of struggle. I believe that in the piece of crap ATT modem, once you set a device for IP Passthrough, it automatically assigns that device its own IP. Funny thing is, that IP address nor MAC address is listed as a possible device to port forward those ports to. I hope I'm not causing you any frustration. I love the internet service, I hate their modem/router combo!!
  7. Also, I cant seem to figure out how to assign the Netduma its own I static IP. I assume its under the IP Allocation menu on the ATT router but when I go there, the Netduma's MAC address isnt there.
  8. Thanks so much for the quick reply!! I actually already have turbo and super turbo modes checked and do receive the message on the congestion control page. Despite this, I cannot figure out how to port forward those ports to the Netduma. I understand how port forwarding works but I cant seem to find the IP address of the Netduma to assign the port forwarding rule to. Any idea on how to correct that?
  9. Hey everyone!! So over the past few days, I switched internet providers. I initially had Time Warner (Spectrum) with speeds of 300/20. I owned my own modem with the Netduma and my Netgear Nighthawk r7000 connected to the Netduma as an access point only. This set up worked perfectly and my speeds were almosst exactly what they should have been. That being said, I just switched to AT&T Gigapower fiber gigabit (1000/1000) internet service. AT&T provided me with their modem/router combo unit, the Arris BGW210-700. When directly connected to that device, I'm able to achieve the correct speeds of nearly 1000dl/1000ul. I've got the Netduma connected to the Arris. As there is no DMZ to speak of for the Arris, I have done the IP Passthrough with it set as DHCPS-FIXED and the Netduma's MAC address selected. From what I've read and from speaking with the ISP, this was the correct way to set it up. Now, from the Netduma, I'm only achieving download speeds of 200-300 and upload speed of a max of 100. I feel like these numbers should be higher but I'm not sure how to achieve that. I've already completed the following as I'm supposed to: Reactive Algorithm 100% anti-flood Share excess enabled Reset device prioritisation & apply Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc Disable deep packet in misc Enable super turbo mode Does anyone have any other information on how to achieve higher speeds utilizing the Netduma? I wish there was a way to just purchase my own modem for this service but I'm told I cannot. Any information or suggestions would be most appreciated!! Thanks!!
  10. Thank you, Fraser. Just a couple questions more: When using the geo-filter, should I also be using "strict mode"? And as far as congestion control, I already have the hyper-service configured for the Xbox One but as far as the flower thing, at what percentage should the console be? I already have it set with the majority going to the console but that makes the numbers very low for all of the other devices. Additionally, as far as congestion control, I do have "share excess" enabled. Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm just trying to get this thing dialed in just right. Thanks!!
  11. Thanks again for that new info. After checking from my macbook, both wired and wirelessly from several different potential servers, my ping ranged from 18-38ms. With this in mind, how should I proceed with the Netduma settings?
  12. Thank you for this info. How do I test for my base ping? Also, how will this affect my friends who party up with me?
  13. Anything else I can do to help things along? I'm not completely confident that I'm setting the ping assist at the right place (40-50). Also not too sure what this feature does, to be honest. Would appreciate any help...
  14. Thank you, Buster. I actually have done that. I've clicked on each one, named them and slid the slider control to 100%.
  15. I just recently purchased the Netduma and I'm trying to get the thing dialed in correctly. I live in North Carolina, US. My speeds are 300+ down / 30+up. I have my Xbox One connected via ethernet. My friends and I typically only play whatever the newest COD is at the time as well as the newest Forza Motorsports. That said, my friends are kind of scattered about. One lives in my neighborhood, one lives in South Carolina, one in Georgia, another in my same state by on the other side of it. I've been using the "COD Ultimate" profile with geo-location enabled for a radius about 400-500 miles and ping assist between 40-50. I'm not sure if the Duma is doing anything or not but I feel generally that we have gotten into games with better connections...I think. One of my friends in South Carolina tends to be struggling now though more than he did before using the Duma. He was the one originally searching for rooms or running the room where now because I have the Duma, I am searching for the games and running the room. I've got hyper control set for the Xbox One and the right algorithm selected. UPnP is enabled. IPV6 is off. Deep packets is unticked. What else should I be doing? Am I doing anything wrong currently? I'm just looking for some helpful suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks a lot!!
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