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  1. I did exactly that but my speed is only like 39 when I have the U-verse 1000 speed. I normally get around 450 to the PS4 but it seems like this is extremely low.
  2. Anyone have a step by step for this process? My modem is the bedroom. I have a port switch in the garage where I play. I would like to plug the netduma to the wall since it’s being fed from the modem from the bedroom but need help . I want to keep the R1 for my PS4 only and the rest of the house on the U-verse modem but not sure how to or if I can anyways.
  3. My modem is in the living room and my man cave is in the garage.. Att connected a port switch in the garage so I can hardwire instead of WiFi. My question is do I plug the R1 to the wall and disregard the port? Or do I have to plug the R1 to the modem instead?
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