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  1. This is exactly the same issue I'm having atm. Maybe our R1 is just too old 😕
  2. Hello again. I waited about 35 hours, still doesn't work.
  3. Hello, and thank you for the reply, sorry for the late answer. I finally got around to do what you suggested with deleting cache in chrome, the 30 seconds, and the 2 minute wait after reset. But unfortunately for me it didn't change anything, having the exact same issue. It did reset as the password went back to default. But now I'm stuck with default settings. I even tried a different browser just for good mesure.
  4. Hello. I am having a similar issue here, the netduma dashboard doesn't work. it just keeps buffering forever. This even after I reset. I also tried unlplugging the modem and only using the cable to my PC, (cable is my default setup). Phone have the same issue. I tried different browsers with same result. I have the R1 router, but with one of the newer Firmwares from the beta branch, updated last time sometime early this year.
  5. Yeah, it's not impossible, I just don't understand who would do such a thing. Sure my friends could do something similar for the luls, but they would never make it OPEN or name it "Fucking shit" So yeah, thanks for the reply, I'll take notes and move on.
  6. For your information, I did have a password on the WiFi. Only way they could have reached the Config is either via a cable or WAN, or the unlikely chance of them figuring out my WiFi password, which is why I asked if the "allow remote tech support" can easily be reached from WAN?
  7. So yesterday when I got home from work, I noticed I couldn't find the Wifi, logged onto the Netduma via Cable and noticed the WiFi setting had been changed, It was now changed to OPEN and SSID named "Fucking shit" And I thought to myself, the chance of some of my neightbors figuring out the WiFi password is very low. So main theory is that someone connected to the router from from the outside (aka WAN), and got into the router configuration with default username and password, as I had not changed it away from default. And yes, as soon as I noticed this I reset to factory settings and added a new username and password. And I also disabled the allow Tech support under network settings Is there any sort of Firewall or something on the netduma router that I've missed to prevent compromising my network? My modem is directly connected to the netduma WAN port. And as the name of the Topic, can some with the knowledge easily connect to the router via the tech support channel?
  8. I'll try this. Thanks On a sidenote, For some reason, even tho this PC is the only device connected to the network, with speedtest I can only get 50% of the downloadspeed I should have when going through the router. I haven't done anything specific to the Netduma config except what is said in the Starting guides. I got this just now, and it should be closer to 100/30 When I did the speedtest without going through Netduma I got 103 DL
  9. Hello! I'm new on the forums, but I've owned NetDuma for little over half a year. I'm having some trouble. According to port forward https://portforward.com/tekken-7/default.htm Tekken 7 - PC TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037 UDP: 4380,27000-27031,27036 And then the question is, how can I add all these ports to a single device in the Host Filtering? or have I missunderstood something? How do I know I've done it correctly? I also have a guest PC with Tekken 7 on aswell where we both wanna play online at the same time. How do I know it's working as intended? I've looked through FAQ and can't really find anything on the matter. By the look of it these ports are pretty standard for any steam-integrated P2P game. Anyone have a link to the specific article that can help me with this? By "this" I mean, getting host filtering to work with Tekken 7 on PC.
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