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  1. Hello, i bought this like couple days ago, and I would like to return and get my refund... didn't like the product at all. Tried so many different settings and watched so many videos, useless. My Netgear Nighthawk router performs much better, what do I have to do to get a refund? thank you.
  2. I just unchecked the share box for both upload and download. I noticed the speed doesn't go higher than 70mbps on the PS4, but when i do speed test on PC it's well over 270mbps, what's causing this?
  3. I just changed my line to 300Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload any suggestions for everything guys? thanks.
  4. Hello,I bought this device to be lag free when gaming on 2 pc's and consoles, but the congestion and speed management kind of sucks, the numbers displayed in circle are % of connection bandwidth or how many Mbits it's sharing with that connection? We have around 10,12 devices in our house, 2 of them are Live streaming box on Nvidia Shield & SetPlex SETV Box, the rest are Ipads,Iphone,and wireless cameras. Our Download speed is 65Mb and our Upload is 6Mb. What are we suppose to do? because right now it's extremely slow and laggy on Camera,Ipad, and other devices. We have to change settings to gaming and take it off when ever we're not playing? that's kind of dumb every day messing around with settings to watch or play games. It's like we can't do anything else if we're gaming and we're not even sure if our gaming settings are right, really frustrating.
  5. Do I have to change any of these or loadup a profile? every time i want to game?
  6. Hello again and thanks for the help, I'm trying out the settings to see how it goes. I noticed one of the options you mentioned "Enable UPnP and remove any Port Fowarding Rules" I checked and I noticed my UPnP is already Enabled and underneath It i can see Port Forwarding Rules Teredo and PCP, but when I go to Port Forwarding section I don't see any rules, it's blank.
  7. I have another question, we have 2 gamers at our house both with different pc's and also a ps4, I looked through Hyper Traffic and tried to add both Pc's but it gives me limited options for games... like currently we both play Player Unknown's Battleground (Early Access) and it's not on the list,what are we suppose to do? choose random DOTA 2 or CS profile? or mess around with advanced tab? We want the two gaming pc's and the PS4 to be lag free mainly, the other devices are secondary and not that important, and I also enabled the UPNP option. Our House internet Download speed is 66Mb and Upload is 6 Mb, we live in Los Angeles,CA. Here are our current settings I've attached 9 pictures, does it look good? or no? I'm not sure about my settings,thank you guys for all the help and efforts.
  8. Hello, just bought the router and it's very confusing with lack of actual customer service support. I connected my PS4 and it says Unknown Device when logged into Router page,how do I know which devices are which?if majority of them are named Unknown device?
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